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Guidelines to Presentation for Authors of Articles for the
Wesley Historical Society

If possible, submit your article on disk or memory stick and in hard copy.
Save in Rich Text format (.rtf) only.
Use only one font. Avoid the use of caps or bold type except in headings.
Italics is normally used for the titles of books and newspapers and for the names of ships (or occasionally for emphasis).
Use left margin alignment - no justification or tab indents.
Note that all formatting will need to be stripped from the text before A5 layout can begin.


Include short quotes in your text and enclose them in double quotation marks.
Quotes longer than four lines should either be indented or printed in italics. They do not require quotation marks.
All quotes need to be referenced and listed at the end of your article as endnotes.
There are a number of generally recognised formats for references. Whichever format you choose it is important to be consistent in your use of it.
Please do not underline a reference title.
WHS's preferred format is: Author, Title, Place, Publisher, Date, Page Number.
eg. Megan Hutching, Talking History: A Short Guide to Oral History, Wellington,

Press, 1997, pp.10-13.
For further advice on referencing, see L.D. McIntosh, A Style Manual for the Presentation of Papers and Theses in Religion and Theology, Wagga Wagga, Centre for Information Studies, 1995.

References - Electronic Sources

1992, CD-ROM.
D.J. Phillipps, The 1912 Heresy Hunt, online, 2003, available at
If endnotes have been provided, a bibliography is not normally necessary. You may wish to include suggestions for further reading.

Photos & Images

Always check the accuracy of precise data like names, dates, titles, statistics, photo captions etc.
If editorial changes to text are requested, please make these on the initial file(s) using 'underline' to show new text and 'strikethrough' for deleted text.

Wesley Historical Society