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In earlier years Birkenhead Circuit extended north to Greenhithe and Albany, occupying all the area west of the present motorway and involving eight preaching places. Now the children have grown up, moved out, the parent church stands alone on Zion Hill.

PAST       Thinking of the past brings many reminders of earlier ministries, some in difficult days travelling by foot on horseback or two wheeled vehicle over clay tracks, one minister serving this large, scattered, thinly populated area. Then came the population explosion, accelerated by the building of the harbour bridge. The circuit had three busy ministers and teams of active lay people fund raising, planning and building to cope with the increasing needs and opportunities presented to it. 

PRESENT        Now, on this magnificent central hill-top site, the old church, with a dignity and worshipfulness of its own, witnesses to the faith and vision of our forebears and seeks to hold secure the unchanging Gospel in this rapidly changing age. 

The children have left home. The other preaching places have become part of new parishes. The parent church seeks to maintain parental interest, but is increasingly involved in co-operative efforts with her neighbours, and takes lively interest in ecumenical and social concerns of the district. 

FUTURE       It is well to cherish the past. It is right to concentrate on the present but what of the future? Where do we go from here? 

One would be a prophet indeed who could accurately foretell the future, but of this we can be sure. There is a challenge "to hold fast the things you have been assured of", to build on the firm foundations laid by faithful forbearers, and to labour unceasingly for the extension of God's kingdom. 

"A city (or a church) set upon a hill cannot be hid."

We live in an age of many uncertainties. Old ideas and values are questioned and often discarded. The Christian church is by many "despised and rejected". 


Perhaps to make us take heart we need to hear again John Wesley's dying words, and go forward into the future in full assurance - "The best of all is, God is with us." 

Rev. D. G. Sherson Superintendant Minister 1962-1968