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The First 10 Years by Frank Nathan


Comparatively few Methodist Churches in New Zealand appear to possess any written record of their early beginnings, but the Waipawa-Waipukurau Cause is, fortunately, an exception.

Circuit officials have been able to unearth the first Minute Book, a historic volume of such intrinsic value that a special niche should perhaps be found for it m the Waipawa Church itself, if that is possible. It is already a museum piece, dating from 1871, irreplaceable and a part of the historic heritage of future generations of Methodists. About 6½ inches wide by 7½ inches deep, with typical 19th century marbled cardboard covers, its pages have faded now until the original ruling is almost invisible. The ink of the early entries has mellowed to brown, but they provide a clear, though at times sketchy, record of the first 10 years of the existence of a Methodist Cause in the district.