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As the opening of the new Church Centre at Upper Riccarton coincides with the 85th anniversary of the founding of the Riccarton Village Wesleyan Church, the Trustees have thought fit to publish some documents relating to the establishment of Methodist work at Upper Riccarton, to photograph groups active in the life of the Church today, and to explain something of the concept which lies behind the architecture of the present buildings.

In planning the present buildings emphasis has been placed upon flexibility so that every area is capable of several uses not only upon a Sunday but also upon other occasions. Behind the architecture lies two convictions-that the Church is a place where people meet, and that the Church exists to serve the community. While the buildings will meet admirably the normal requirements of specifically Church activities, it is hoped that this type of building will also enable new forms of service to the community to develop. The building has been erected with the approval of representative office bearers of St Peter's and St Marks Churches who see that while these buildings will meet immediate Methodist needs they will also be ideally situated and planned as a base for social service and outreach in the United Church.
For the way faith has been confirmed by acts of Providence, we give thanks to God and dedicate these buildings to His service and ourselves to His Glory.