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Stir Gently for 100 years by D.Hines


Any booklet that tries to compress 140 years into 40 pages will leave a lot out. In deciding what to leave in, I have tried to make this a book that illustrates our congregation's views of life, rather than just a series of reminiscences. So I have matched our church records and memories against things that were happening in the wider community at the time. To show this involvement in the community, it has been necessary to select a small number of Methodists and follow their stories through. Thousands of members have worshipped at Takapuna-I mention only a few dozen. About 15,000 sermons were preached_I refer to ten. But I hope this loss will be balanced by giving a more critical picture of what remains, and a better understanding of what other members of our church, past and present, have been working for. Where possible, I have checked old memories against newspapers and documents written at the time, but this has not always been possible. Takapuna and the Methodist Church do not often hit the headlines. And our members, especially in the 19th century, seem to have had a chronic shortage of paper, pens and cameras. I would like to thank David Shirreffs for setting the type and arranging the printing, Tan Harris for casting an editorial eye over the articles, the many people who have been willing to put their beliefs and experiences on record, and the Takapuna Methodist Centennial Committee for entrusting me with the task of writing the church's story.

David Hines - September, 1983