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For the history of this place of worship is the history of ordinary folk - the century it spans covers the lives of just two or three generations of people who were, to use Paul's phrase, 'obscure yet famous'.

I like that phrase, for it seems to me it describes exactly the sort of people who took those bold steps to establish the first pennanent setting for Christian worship in this suburb, and who gave of their substance and skills to nurture and enlarge it.
Syd Johnson has put together an enormous amount of material on the history of St Kilda Methodism, reflecting the long and devoted commitment of himself and his sister Elsie, to this Church family.

In it are to be found the names of literally hundreds of people who have served the congregation and the building in one way or another - their brief biographies make fascinating reading.

Many have occupied positions of leadership - how is any human organisation to succeed if it does not have access to the special gifts that each individual has to offer.

We live in a world which is sometimes dismissive of leadership, and yet even so democratic an organisation as a congregation cannot survive without those who are prepared, and trusted, to lead Paul's analogy of the human body, with all its parts contributing to the life of the whole is especially true of the local church.

- Rev Donald Phillipps