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Three Churches within 100 years, built by one people, and of one Communion. These three separate buildings over the last century show us something of the fortitude of the pioneers, and the changing life in Shirley. The first marked the age of, "establish thou my people", and the second by the removal and shifting, thoughfulness for a worthy witness, finally the present, and example of courage and enterprise. Certainly few Methodist Churches in New Zealand are so well situated within a main suburban shopping centre and schools. Yet 50 years ago Shirley was still a rural district.

Over the forthcoming century will we of this generation show such enterprise and faith? We don't need buildings, but we need to discover, "communication", one with the other concerning the great things of Jesus Christ. For us at Shirley now, ambitious experiment, courageous faith, and a willingness to attempt new things for Christ ought to be the mark of our generation. When a Church settles, the spiritual rot sets in.

This history is not an exhaustive account of 100 years, records were not easy to come by, but it does record the spirit of the Church for posterity. Today, we will be better remembered for what we do with a challenging future than for what we have done in the past. Augustine said, "Let thy works praise thee, that we may love thee, and let us love thee, that thy works may praise thee." So let us endeavour in the future.

Easter, 1966.