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At the request of the people of Rapaki I have set down in this Brochure, the founding of our settlement of Rapaki and the Rapaki Reserve, the circumstances leading up to the appointment of a Maori Wesleyan Minister to reside at Rapaki; the building of the Church, the Centennial of which, we are celebrating; a short biography of the Rev. Te Kooti Rato, and other Maori Ministers who followed him in the South Island: also reference to other Ministers and Laymen both Maori and Pakeha who conducted services in the church down through the years. The names of some of the Maori people who lived at Rapaki at the time the church was opened and up to the last decade. The narrator regrets if some names have been overlooked. I have also set down some of the Maori place names and legends commemorating our ancestors.

I have to thank Mr Jim Lewin, District Officer, Maori Affairs Department and many others who gave me information contained in this Brochure.