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Papatoetoe Wesley Methodist Celebrating 100 years 1912-2012

Recently, Papatoetoe celebrated its 150th Anniversary as one of the oldest towns in the country's largest city. Likewise, our church Papatoetoe Wesley Methodist Church - in Kolmar Road will proudly celebrate its 100th Anniversary on 21 October 2012 a century year old church. The 100th Anniversary of any event or organisation is indeed a memorable and milestone celebration loaded with past history, a long journey of successes, achievements, fondly remembered; as well as a time to pause, to reflect and to strategise for the challenges of the future.

I am privy to the details of our church's life journey over the past 100 years - its humble beginnings with the first historic church building completed within a day on 14 December, 1912. The hard work, dedication and the vision of the past pioneers blessed by the leadership, grace and love of God which has led our church through a period of great success, achievements and growth.

Augusten Subhan

Minister of Papatoetoe Wesley Methodist Church.