As we think back over the fifty years of Methodism in Opawa we are thankful to those who had the vision of a church in this district and for its building in 1907. To the pioneers we owe a debt of gratitude. How these people worked we do not know but they must have had all the reward they needed when they saw the beautiful church opened in August, 1907.

Many have remarked on its beauty and to those who visit it after a long absence, we are sure the first pleasure on entering will be renewed.

Each succeeding congregation has added something, and through the lives of the people who attend, we cannot tell how great an influence on others has been exerted.

During the whole 50 years we have had many willing and loyal workers too numerous to name.

The compilers of. this brief history feel very inadequate for the job, but beg for your tolerance.

There are many omissions in this esume of 50 years due to the records being incomplete. If any milestone has been missed or any meritorious service overlooked we ask your forgiveness.

We of the present salute the past, but the torch is in our hand. With zeal, courage and equal faith we must hand it on brightly to those who follow. The best must be for Christ and his Church.