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The first fifty years in the history of a local Church is a story of faith and persistence. Those who began Methodism's work for Christ in Northland stepped out in faith that God would bless their efforts in the new suburb. As the suburb developed, so Methodism grew, and today there is a beautiful building, set in a fine position, with a worthy and active congregation. It has not been an easy growth--from time to time the faithful members were faced with difficulties and periods of declension. However, the light never went out. The people called Methodists in Northland have received a goodly heritage and are building upon the work of the past. In the following pages you will read an interesting and encouraging story. May God enable the present congregation as they enter the second fifty years to extend His Kingdom in this community.

The Church is most grateful to Mr J. Halket Millar, who prepared this brochure and arranged its publication.

Northland Parsonage,
June, 1954.