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The Crofton/Ngaio Methodist, Presbyterian and Union land story covers the earliest aspects of Maori history of the area, the initial sales to the New Zealand Company, and a brief resume of subsequent occupants, purchasers, titles and building in order to answer the key questions posed by the Connexion. The story of the groups who planned and used the churches is told fully in First a church... the continuing story of Ngaio Methodist, Presbyterian and Union Churches by Elaine E Bolitho, published December 2004 by the Ngaio Union Church.

Ngaio Union's parish boundaries also include the former Cashmere Methodist Community Centre (111 Cashmere Avenue, Khandallah) demolished in 2001. The story of this property, and its regeneration as the Cochran Hall at the Cashmere Avenue School is told in the Cashmere Land Story, and in The Vision Restored, published by Ngaio Union Church in May 2003. Ngaio Union, as the legal successor to the proceeds held in trust from the Cashmere land sale, was granted funding for approved capital work on the Ngaio Union property, thus ensuring that in 2005 all buildings were fully compliant.