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One may well ask what is there of interest in the history of a struggling Home Mission Station which during the past 50 years has never, or almost never, managed to have an appointment and a credit balance at the same time. History, however, should give perspective. The small pieces of a mosaic appear uninteresting and unimportant until the design is completed, and one stands back and views it from a distance. In the same way it is hoped that this account will show some continuity of design in the work that was started almost 100 years ago. On looking back one cannot but feel that the fact that the Church was built in 1914 is of great significance. It was an Act of Faith on the part of a few men with very limited resources. Ten years later the original Trustees were either dead or had left the district; he 1st World War had taken its toll; post-war difficulties followed; then the earthquake and depression, the 2nd World War, the high cost of building and the shortage of man-power in the Connection-it seems certain that had there not been the Church building the congregation would not have been kept together and the cause lost to Methodism. We therefore are pleased to offer this small booklet as a tribute to the Church pioneers and the original Trustees.