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Morrinsville Methodist Church

This history book is an attempt to capture the spirit of the past which has been the strong foundation upon which our church is built. It includes much of the material that was originally published in the 50th and the 75th Anniversary book; plus additional material from the last 25 years. 
Thank you to all who have provided valuable resources for this book photographs, memories, anecdotes and general advice. I am also very grateful to the small group of painstaking proof-readers who have corrected my spelling and grammar and my computer's idiosyncrasy of omitting the letter 'n' whenever possible! 
Many thanks to everyone who has provided material for this history Quarterlies, photographs and other documents. I particularly want to thank Mike Gribble from the Morrinsville Historical Society and Edna Money for their generosity in lending very early photographs both for this publication and for the displays at the Centennial Celebrations 18-19 October 2003. 
No history will ever be complete and there are bound to be things that have been missed and I ask your forgiveness for this. I have learned so much about who the Methodists of this district are as I have compiled this book and I have very much enjoyed learning so much about the people and the faith history of this community. 
Nancy Jean Whitehead