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Morrinsville Methodist Church
Seventy-fifth Jubilee

A Jubilee is a celebration of the past and an anticipation of the future. We look back in gratitude over seventy-five years to remember the people who established and sustained the Methodist Church at Morrinsville.
In this booklet Marion Laurence has captured for us some of the history of our Church, and something about the people who served it. We warmly appreciate the work Marion has done.
Only a very small proportion of our Church's history can be recalled and written. Most of the detail must remain unrecorded and forgotten. But whether the history is remembered or forgotten, the happenings of the past have, in large measure, made our Church what it is today.
Previous generations of Morrinsville Methodists were not perfect Christians; they had their faults, as we all have faults. But those people accepted a heritage of faith from the past, lived by it in their day, and handed it on to future generations. This is the continuing task of the Church.
As we celebrate our Jubilee we will have in mind not only the past, but also the future. The happy relationships we have always enjoyed with each of our sister Churches in Morrinsville will continue to develop. Our association with the Anglican and Presbyterian Churches will be especially close as our national courts continue the negotiations for Church union. Whatever the future holds for Methodism in Morrinsville, we pray that our response to the ministry of the Living Christ will be a living and growing response.