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The city of Hamilton and the Methodist Church have a long history of' sharing fortunes and setting future goals - so as the city expanded southward it was only natural that Methodism would soon follow.

Thus it was, with the generous help of the Hamilton Trust, the circuit decided to establish a cause in the general direction of' the Melville urea where a Presbyterian cause was the only other denomination represented there at the time. Settling the site posed problems as the extent of' the expansion could only be guessed and land was in demand. The corner site finally selected was chosen as past it flowed nearly all the Melville traffic of the development thus far - and its pleasant aspect amidst the population seemed fitting. History may have proved the choice conservative in view of' the subsequent spread - but at the time the situation appealed.

But a church is not only a building and a notice board. From the congregation of St Paul's, families were approached who had moved into the area to see if' they would consent to the transfer of' their membership to the new cause. The result was a band of folk already known to each other and experienced in Methodist ways who moved from their old church home to the challenge of an infant congregation. This was achieved with mutual goodwill and thus ties were forged of gratitude and memory - and the new arrival was welcomed in to the family of Methodism with ancestral ties, plus the vision of forging a new fellowship.

Of what has occurred since those early days you will learn more, both from the Booklet and from personal contacts renewed. The 25th Anniversary offers a fitting opportunity to assess the past, critically and sympathetically - then to set such goals for the future as approve themselves to the people.

May God continue to direct and bless your efforts on behalf of Methodism and the community of which you are a valued part.

Yours in His service,