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The Lynfield Estate from which the Community Church draws its name and parishioners, was originally vested by the Crown in the Auckland Harbour Board to help provide an income to improve and maintain the Manukau Harbour and the Port of Onehunga. Prior to 1960, when sub-division broke the silence of the rural scene, the area was broken into 10 acre blocks. The change must have seemed very rapid to the small holding farmers when a great influx of people settled on the estate.

The Lynfield Community Church grew out of the desire in the early 1960's to have a church which would not represent one denomination only, but all of the five churches who were at the time seeking a common basis and were negotiating towards union. This union has not taken place although there are many parishes in New Zealand where usually two denominations have combined into what is usually known as a Union or Cooperating Parish. Lynfield was unique in that it was a new church set up with co-operation of all five negotiating churches.