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Two Into One by Jean D. Turvey

This is a story of three parishes - one Methodist, one Presbyterian, and one Co-operating - worshiping and witnessing in Kaiapoi in three different centuries. It starts with pioneer settlers in a small village half a world away from their homes. It ends - at least this part of the story does - in a burgeoning satellite town. Letters and news originally took months to arrive. Now they are as instant as emails and television.

However, through the dramatic changes of the last 150 years runs the common thread of faith.

This is a story which needs to be read twice. The first time, read what Jean Turvey has written. In any history there are those people who stand out because of their leadership, strong personalities, or eccentricities. Ministers loom large, simply because they are involved in most aspects of parish life. Buildings feature, because they provide a focal point for congregational life.
The second reading of this history is more difficult. You need to read between the lines, to focus on what is not written. The unrecorded history of these three parishes is just as vital as the narration of obvious events and personalities. It consists of people whose names are unknown, but who worshipped faithfully and gave life to these local churches. They were members of women's groups, singers in the choir, Sunday School pupils or teachers, welcomers at the door. They lived out their faith with their families, in the mills and businesses, and in the organisations of Kaiapoi.

This book offers just the first chapters of our history. We write the next chapters as we worship and serve God in the future.