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Hamilton East Parish 1910-2010.
St John's Methodist Church
One Hundred Years on.

A century of worship and witness in Hamilton East. A short history of the life and work of the people called Methodist in the Hamilton East suburbs incorporating the booklets prepared and distributed for the 50th Jubilee, (Rev. Charles B. Oldfield,) and the 75th Celebrations, (Mr. Herbert Longbottom.) 
This update was compiled and amended by Catherine Dickie, member of the Centennial Committee with assistance from members of the congregation. 
We give thanks for the lives and witness of those who have served this church in the past, ministers / presbyters and laypeople alike and look to the future with hope that the work of God will continue to be done here in Hamilton East by the people who call themselves Methodist. 
It has been an interesting and enlightening experience to work on this booklet and we trust that you who read it will feel the same degree of gratitude to the people who have made St. John's the place of worship and rich fellowship it is today.