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Glimpses of Bougainville
by Pamela V. Beaumont

Previously I wrote about my early life, following it with the story of my first three years in Bougainville and the Solomon Islands. I called that book "Falling Leaves". Those were all interesting years but I was longing to get back to Tonu in Siwai, South Bougainville to the work I felt God had called me to do. 
My six months of furlough in New Zealand was a very happy time. Four of the months were for holiday, making up for the lack of them in the islands, and the other two were for deputation, which took me to meet the church people in Taranaki and the Nelson West Coast area. This was all joy but I have no written records of those days. My memories are of wonderful opportunities to share with people who were really interested in what was happening in Bougainville and wanted to pray for us and help us in any way possible. Thanks be to God for all that he did through those experiences. 
I have added as a Postscript the Thesis I wrote in 1962. The subject I was given by the Deaconess Board of the Methodist Church of New Zealand was "Presenting Christ to the Solomon Islands." The Rev. W.T. Blight deemed this satisfactory, and I was later dedicated as a Methodist Deaconess. 
I would very much like to acknowledge the skilful and cheerful help Caroline McNeill has given me in setting up this book ready for printing. She has also designed the cover using drawings from my mother Rosa Beaumont. My mother visited me in 1966 and did many lovely drawings of life in Bougainville. I am so glad that Caroline has been able to put everything together so well. 
May this book bring the joy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ to those who look into it. 
Sincerely and thankfully, 
Pamela Valerie Beaumont.