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Glen Eden Methodists worshipped in the Waikumete Chapel before building their own church in 1910. This would serve them until the mid-70s, when it became clear that a new church was needed.

In fact, church members had realised as early as 1960 that the old church building was too small for the rapidly growing Glen Eden community. In 1972 the time was right, and the dream began to unfold. Three years later, the New Church was completed.

God's hand was always evident. Planning, under excellent leadership, with devoted and focused Trustees, was bold. "Impossible!" people would say. "Be Realistic."

Certainly the vision was ambitious: an old house was deliberately burned down, land was exchanged and buildings relocated. It was a project that required faith and work - truly a partnership between God and His people.

In 1976, the New Church opened. Three years later the car park was sealed, and the grounds and gardens completed. Remembering its genesis, the church gave its old pews to the restored Waikumete Chapel and replaced them with comfortable chairs.

There were further additions in 1994. With the Minister no longer living in the parsonage, there was a need for an on-site office. Redeveloping the church's existing offices freed up space for a much-needed creche.

Now there are whispers of further development in the wings - extensions and refurbishment to the old church building, the church hall are being mooted.
In September 2001, we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the opening of the New Church. In 2010, Methodism will have worshipped and witnessed for a hundred years from its site on West Coast Rd.

With God's grace we will continue to serve our community.