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Dominion Road has suffered a great decline. It was once the biggest Sunday School, and the most successful at least, one of) and there are many returning at this centenary and many more again who are not returning for whatever reason, including the Didn't Knows, who have rich and warming memories of their earlier days here. There are childhood memories, adolescent memories that colour the rest of a life, and adult memories. 

Not only did the church world change, the world itself changed too. All that deserved to be recorded, as it was, and deserves to be recalled, as it now is. The result is not a small and slight book. It has not been tossed off in a few days. It does not depend on the small present congregation, but is for the former congregations. Before existing memory is a hidden and forgotten world. All there in the books: the minutes, the events, the histories, the accounts, the brochures, pamphlets, memoirs, Church newspapers, eulogies, 'hatched, matched, and despatched', and the memorabilia.