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Cross Currents
is the story of 125 years of Settler Methodism in the river city of Kirikiriroa - Hamilton.

The mighty Waikato river runs through the centre of Hamilton like the river of life described in the Bible (Revelation 22). As with all large rivers, powerful currents course through the Waikato, symbolic of the currents of life and faith which have shaped and continue to influence the nature of Hamilton Church and Society.

This publication describes those currents and influences: from the earliest known Maori residents to those who first shared the Gospel; to the militia settlers and their chaplains, the farmers, townsfolk, church and city builders who followed; the people and forces that built a township and communities of faith in Kirikiriroa-Hamilton.

Rivers don't always run smoothly-just as turbulent waters have a greater presence of oxygen and energy so in the turbulence of social issue and effect, the power of faith and commitment to God is more readily seen and felt.

Cross Currents is primarily the white Methodist Settlers' story. It still remains for Maori Methodists to tell their own story in their own way in their own time- to describe the currents they have seen and experienced.

Meanwhile the mighty Waikato flows on, carrying the memories of yesterday, the currents of today and the beginnings of tomorrow.

Brian Turner

Superintendent Minister

Hamilton Methodist Parish

August 1989