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2016, marks 50 years since Chartwell Cooperating Church, formerly known as the Cooperating Parish of St Albans, was established in Hamilton. With this anniversary it is relevant to reflect on the people and activities that have founded and moulded this church to make the significant community that it is today.

The first 25 years of the church's history, and included here, was recorded by Norman Kingsbury in the booklet 'Cooperating Parish of St Albans, Chartwell, 1966-1992, twenty- five years together'. He described the formation of the joint venture by Anglicans, Methodists and Presbyterians in the new area of northern Chartwell. Norman played a major part in making the cooperating venture at Chartwell so successful and for that we are all very grateful. A record of the next five years from 1992-1996 was also recorded and updated the original publication.

This 50-year anniversary publication records the formation of the vision for a church in 1961 and its growth as a cooperating venture from 1966 to 2016. Much of the information has come from the monthly church magazine Charter where major changes in the church and significant outreach activities in the community are recorded. We thank the editors, contributors and printers of Charter which is a valuable resource which started as A4 copied pages and is now a high quality booklet.