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Cambridge Presbyterian Church 1872   - 1972

Trinity was the first Presbyterian Church in the Waikato and it came about from the faith and enthusiasm of that devoted band of early settlers, many of whose names are recorded as attending the first Communion Service. In 1872 Trinity Church was born to the glory of God's Kingdom.

At the beginning, one minister, one Session member, one Session Clerk. Many descendants of those pioneers are with us today, taking their part in the courts and other activities of Trinity.

Great was the faith of the pioneers in this forbidding land: a faith which spurred them on to drain the swamps, build roads, erect bridges, and turn a wilderness into a world famous pasture land. Great was their enthusiasm for their Church, an enthusiasm which enabled them to attend Divine Service by walking many miles over rough roads, riding on horseback, and even in some cases crossing the Waikato River by boat or ferry.

Today, even with sealed roads, motor cars, and at the most only ten to fifteen minutes journey, a shower of rain or a heavy frost is sufficient to keep many of us at home.
Let us therefore remember with gratitude our forefathers: Strive to emulate their simple faith and be true to the kindred points of Heaven and Home.