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Cambridge Methodist Church 1867 - 1967

This is the story of Cambridge Methodist Circuit-a story which began with the coming of the Rev. Joseph Berry to the Waikato in 1867.

Over the hundred years since then, a great cloud of witnesses has lived to prove the power of God's redeeming love in Jesus Christ and to know the gracious fulfilment of His promises.

Some who are mentioned in this record were men of wealth .and influence in the community; others were ordinary, everyday folk who left no great name, But everyone felt a sense of privilege at being able to serve the living God, in Whose sight they were infinitely precious.

The world is a better place because they lived and worshipped in this corner of His Kingdom.

In this story of Cambridge Methodism, I have endeavoured to include as many names as possible, believing, that first and foremost a Church is a company of believing people who, by then' faith and sincerity, inspire others to know the Christ and follow the way of holiness.

As we remember, may we also be thankful, and resolve to follow more firmly in their steps.