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Wesley in the Buller - 1866-1966


(By the Rev. W. J. D. Wakelin;, Minister of the Westport Methodist Church, 1967)
This is the story of Methodist people in the Buller who gladly gave all that they could to Jesus Christ our Lord.

It tells of Methodists who offered their talents to Christ and all musical, artistic and creative abilities found full expression within the fellowship of the Church.

It tells of Methodists who gave their time and energies to Christ and applied themselves diligently year after year to the practical everyday and sometimes mundane tasks of the on-going work of the Church.

It tells of Methodists who gave their finance to Christ in a day when incomes were low and a Church with a small membership, without any great wealth, was faced with the burden of erecting buildings and maintaining a ministry.

It tells, finally, of Methodists who, after 100 years of Methodist witness, were prepared to sacrifice their denominational Church which they dearly loved and cherished because they have caught a vision of the greater work that could be done for Christ by a Union Church which incorporated the Methodist and Presbyterian people of Westport.

I commend this book, not so much for the nostalgic memories of by-gone years which it will inevitably raise in the hearts of those who have been associated with Methodism in the Buller, but rather for its quiet witness to the spirit of self-sacrifice which marked the Methodist Church of our district. 1 believe that this book cannot be read sincerely without the reader being challenged to consider the depth of self-sacrifice which should mark every Christian life.