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The Methodist Church of New Zealand has asked each Parish to examine its Land Story. We were to trace the history of the properties we have and the way the land was acquired. The Parish was grateful that Pat Greening was prepared to undertake this task. This work has been done in considerable detail reflecting diligence and sensitivity.

We realised this was only Part I of 'Our Story' and that we also needed to record something of our past in terms of people and places. In a work of this nature it is always a problem deciding how much to include and how much to leave out. Inevitably some will say, 'They haven't mentioned such-and-such or so-and-so.' For this reason it was decided to use names very sparingly, mentioning only key figures who could scarcely be omitted. Our aim was to tell a story rather than produce an archival document or definitive history which could have become cluttered up with long lists of names of office-bearers or others who featured to a greater or less degree in the life of the Church.

This story is simply intended to record landmarks in the church's history and to recall something of the corporate life and activities of the various centres of worship available to the early residents of Beckenham - centres which contributed to the amalgam which has finally come together on the land which Pat Greening wrote about. We hope the story will bring a nostalgic smile to the faces of many of our older members. Those of us who have come to the district more recently will perhaps delight in being reminded of identical experiences which we enjoyed in our younger days in churches many miles from Beckenham. For our young people we hope this will give them an understanding of what it was like in those pre-TV days when most of our religious, social, cultural and recreational activity was centred on our local church.

Maxwell A. Hornblow November 1993