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Beckenham Methodist Church 50 Years - 1928-1978


These Golden Jubilee celebrations remind us of the debt we owe to an earlier generation, some of whom, gladly, are still with us to share in this tribute to the past. It was through their faith, devotion, steadfastness and action that the Beckenham Methodist Church not only began in 1928, but also has been consolidated over a period of fifty years, to become the well established, viable Church it now is.
Their dedication not only challenges us to a similar dedication, but gives us hope and encouragement in living out this faith in this present age. In the Church we are able to experience a deep feeling of 'belonging' both to the past and t h e future. It is good to be reminded that we are part of this heritage as we play our part today, and tomorrow.
There is an old Lancashire saying: "Hats off to the past and coats off to the future." This epitomises where we are now for it is my belief that the Beckenham Church is poised for another new beginning. The Wings of God are blowing and leading us to a new outreach in growth from the base that has been so well established.
May we be led willingly into the fixture, giving thanks to Almighty God for the measure of pride we may have in the story of Methodist witness in Beckenham over the past fifty years, and with the hope that when the history of the second fifty years comes to be written the people in 2028 will be able to have a similar pride and thanks to God.
We are greatly indebted to Mrs Shirley Purves for compiling this brief Golden Jubilee History, those who assisted her with information, to Mr Chris Pryor who arranged for its printing and to Mr Norman Withers who designed the cover .