NZ Methodist Ministerial Appointments before 1961


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This document is an amalgamation of lists of appointments taken from

New Zealand Methodist Centenary Index (4th Edition 1922) by James T Pinfold, D.D.

Ministerial and Circuit Appointments 1920 – 1960 by William T. Blight (1960)  

The  Supplement to W.T. Blight's "Ministerial & Circuit Appointments" 1920-1960

New Zealand Primitive Methodist Ministers by Circuits (2015)
by D. Colin Dews


I can give no guarantee of the accuracy of the information but it should give a guideline when researching particular ministers. The original sources contain more information.
Should you find any omissions or errors, or can add further information, please let me know.
I am adding photos as I receive them. Most of these photos are from publications which are online in the WHS online library so the quality is only as good as in the original publication.
I would welcome any further photos preferably in a digital format.

I would also ask anyone who has collated the ministerial appointments since 1961 to contact me so that these can be added..


                     Alec Utting 2018