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NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

 Cashmere The Cashmere Methodist Church and Community Centre Land Story The Cashmere Methodist Church and Community Centre Land Story 2003
by E.E. Bolitho
Hataitai Hataitai Methodist Church 1896 - 1972.
A brief history.
Hataitai Methodist Church 1896 - 1972.
Karori A history of the Karori Methodist Church from 1843 up to 1946. WHS Publication #5(1) 1946
Karori Methodism 1843-1946
by J.D.Grocott
The history of St John's Methodist Church, prepared for
the Methodist Church of New Zealand.
St John's Methodist Church
Karori 1999
The Land Story, the Church
and the People.

By E.E. Bolitho
This talk by Dr. Elaine Bolitho tells the story of three
families - 
Mary and Henry Jones, Northend Gooder,

and Annie and Philip Rive who each came to Karori.

Karori Pioneer Families
by E E Bolitho 2012
Lower Hutt  The story of Methodism in the Hutt Valley from 1838 -1988. On Our Way
by various authors.

Pioneers William and Mary Ann Knight and family sailed from
 Cornwall on the Duke of Roxburgh, settling in Lower Hutt in
 1840. Family, including son James Penrose Knight were active
 in Lower Hutt Methodist Churches. The family grew and
 spread over the North Island, as land became available.
Cornish ingenuity and adaptability were key values enabling
 them to adjust to colonial life through war, peace and
 ongoing social changes into the 21st century.

Knights from Cornwall
Stories of the Knight Family in New Zealand

by Elaine Bolitho
 Ngaio The Crofton/Ngaio Methodist, Presbyterian and Union land
 story covers the earliest aspects of Maori history of the area,
 the initial sales to the New Zealand Company, and a brief resume of subsequent occupants, purchasers, titles and building in order to answer the key questions posed by the Connexion. 

Ngaio Union Church - The Land Story
by E.E.Bolitho 
Northland  The story of the first 50 years of the Ward Memorial Methodist Church Northland, Wellington
Ward Memorial Methodist Church
Northland, Wellington
1904 - 1954 

This booklet tells the land story of the Ward Memorial
Methodist Church Northland, Wellington and
 as this church
is a memorial to the Revs Robert, Charles and Josiah Ward,
aspects relating to the memorial have also been addressed.

Ward Memorial Church Northland The Land Story.
By E.E.Bolitho
Petone The Wesley Church, Petone 70th Jubilee booklet.
WHS Publication #12(1) 1953
Wesley Church Petone - 70 years
by J.B.Dawson
Taita The history of the Methodist worship
in the Taita area 1848 - 1948.
Hands Across the Century   
Taranaki St. The story of Methodism in Wellington from the
first beginnings up to 1941 with special emphasis on
the churches in central Wellington.
WHS Publication #1(3) 1941
Centenary of Wesley Church, Wellington
by C.J.Freeman
Tawa A history of the Tawa Flat Methodist Church
850 - 1951
WHS Publication #10(1) 1951
Yes, God is Good
by A.H.Carman
The story of the formation of the Tawa
Union Parish published on the 20th 
anniversary in 1972.
That They May Be One
by Edwin Smith
Te Aro Mission
The story of the Maori evangelist Minarapa 
Te Rangi-hatu-ake 
810?- 1893? is a story that is 
interwoven with the founding of the Wakefield 

settlement at Whanganui-a-Tara, Port Nicholson
(Wellington) on 22 January 1840.  
WHS Publication #95 2012
Journal 2012
Minarapa Te Rangi-hatu-ake and Te Aro Pa, 1839-1841 
by Gary Clover  
1989 marked the 150th anniversary of the start
of Methodism at Te Aro in Wellington. This is the story
of the the Te Aro Maori Mission.
WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
The Wesleyan Maori Mission at Te Aro 1839-1877 by J H Roberts
Thorndon This booklet was prepared for the 75th Anniversary
Celebrations in 1947  of the Thorndon Methodist Church
in Molesworth Street.
Thorndon Methodist Church
Seventy-Fifth Anniversary
Celebrations 1872-1947
 Upper Hutt  A Centennial History of the Presbyterian and
in Upper Hutt who, in
976, joined together to form 
the Upper Hutt
Co-operating Parish. 1879 - 1979
"From Quiet Homes and First Beginning

by M. E. Evans