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NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

North Taranaki This is the story of John Whiteley and includes his time
in New Plymouth from 1855 to his death in 1869
WHS Publication #10(3) 1951
John Whiteley - Missionary Martyr
by G.G.Carter
The history of youth work in New Plymouth between 1841
and 1951
WHS Publication #9(4) 1951
A Goodly Heritage - A History of Youth
Work in New Plymouth
by R.L.Cooper
The history of the St Aubyn Methodist Church in New
Plymouth. This was originally known as the South Road
Methodist Church and was opened in 1892 and closed in
St Aubyn Methodist Church
A Brief History

by D A Holland 
A more detailed story of John Whiteley. WHS Publication #24(2&3) 1968
John Whiteley 1806-69
A reprint of an article first printed in Proceedings in 1931.
This includes details of John Whiteley's death.
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
How the Waitara War Ended
by J.T.Pinfold (from 1931 Proceedings)
The 1991 Annual Lecture looks at John Whiteley's attitude
to the land question, especially in North
WHS Publication #58 Journal 1991-92
John Whiteley and the Land Question
by G. Brazendale
The background to the Land Wars and the part played by
John Whiteley in them.
WHS Publication #64 1996
John Whiteley - Land Sovereignty
and the Land Wars of the 19th
Century by G.Brazendale
A short history of the Whiteley Memorial Church, New Plymouth. Whiteley Memorial Methodist
Coastal Taranaki The story of John White and his establishment of Missions
on the Taranaki Coast between 1893 and 1920. It includes
such places as Okato and Rahotu.
WHS Publication #18(3) 1960
John H. White and the Coast Mission
by H.R.Wright

South Taranaki
The story of the early Missions established in South
Taranaki from 1842 with information on Skevington, Woon, Hough
and others.
Methodist Literature and Colporture Soc.
First published 1915
In the Beginning by T.G.Hammond
The story of the early Missions established in South
Taranaki from 1842.
WHS Publication #1(4) 1942
Early Mission Days in South Taranaki
by A.B.Chappell
In this paper, Gary visits the site of the Heretoa Wesleyan Mission
Station near Manaia in 1992, 150 years after its establishment.
Both Woon and Skevington lived there. He outlines its history.
WHS Publication #58 Journal 1991-92
150th Anniversary "Heretoa" Wesleyan
Maori Mission Station 1992

by G. Clover
Taihape A brief look at the Taihape Circuit from 1904-1950. WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
Methodism in the Taihape Circuit
by C.E.Darville

A Centennial booklet commemorating 100 years of Methodism in Waitara. Waitara Methodist Church 1875-1975
by A.K.Surrey
The year 2000 marks the 125th anniversary of when in 1875,
for the sum of twelve pounds, the present church site was
purchased, and a small church, some thirty by eighteen feet
was bought and shifted from Belt Road, New Plymouth. The
original Waitara circuit was quite extensive, stretching from
Mokau in the North, Pukearuhe in the West, Tarata in the
East and Midhurst on the Southern end.
Waitara Methodist Church 125th
1875 - 2000 by David Musker
Wanganui The history of the Aramoho Methodist Church 1874 - 1966 Hundred + 8
Aramoho Methodist Church
The history of the Dublin Street Methodist Church, Wanganui
1899  - 1949
Dublin Street Methodist Church,
1899  - 1949