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NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

Otago - Southland
Otago A brief survey of Methodism in Otago 1840-1947 WHS Publication #6(1) 1948
Before 1848 and After
by D.J.D. Hickman
The story of the first missionaries in Otago (Otakou). WHS Publication #1(2) 1941
Otakou - A Story of Far-Off Days
by T.A.Pybus
Dunedin The history of the Dunedin Methodist Parish 1848-1997
A Brief Historical Survey
The story of the Trinity Methodist Parish and the Mission. 1848-1960 WHS Publication #17(1-3) 1960
Centenary of the First Methodist Church in Dunedin
by A.R.Brown
Gore The story of Methodism in the Gore district 1879-1961 WHS Publication #19(4) 1963
What God Hath Wrought
by T.R.Benny
Lawrence A brief look at the early history of this area. WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
William Morley goes South by D.Burt
The centennial of Methodism in the Tuapeka 1861 - 1961  The Centennial of Methodism in the
Tuapeka 1861 - 1961
Southland Methodism - The story of 116 years of progress in Southland.
WHS Publication #14(1&2) 1956
Methodism in Southland
by F.G.Glen
Pioneer Methodism in the coalfields of Southland 1886-1961 WHS Publication #19(1&2) 1961
Methodism in the Coalfields of Southland
by F.R.Glen
Waikouaiti The story of James Watkin and the Waikouaiti Mission Station
WHS Publication #33 1978
James Watkin Pioneer Missionary
by R.Belmer