An Index to
NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

Arapohue The story of the Arapohue Methodist Church from its
construction in 1885 until it closing in 1985.

The Arapohue Methodist Church 1885-1985
by Hazel Simpkin
Kaeo (Whangaroa) The story of the first Methodist mission in New
Zealand founded by Samuel Leigh in 1822 at
Whangaroa and closed in 1827 after it was
ransacked by Maoris.
WHS Publication #3(1&2) 1944
Toil and Adversity at Whangaroa
by Dr. C.H.Laws
The story of the women who were at the first Wesleyan
Mission at Whangaroa, Kaeo. This includes the wives of
Leigh and Turner.

WHS Publication #15(2&3) 1957
The Ladies of Wesleydale
by Sister Rita F. Snowden
Verna Mossong looks at the first 7 weeks of the
establishment of the Wesleyan Methodist Mission at Kaeo.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Celebration in Kaeo by Verna Mossong
Verna Mossong looks at the story of the Mission at Kaeo,
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
The Story of Wesleydale by Verna Mossong
An article from The Australasian Methodist Missionary
Review about Mrs Anne (Sargent) Turner, the wife of

the Missionary Rev. Nathaniel Turner.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
The Wonderful Woman of Wesleydale
The story of the Rev. Nathaniel Turner, a missionary
at Kaeo.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Rev. Nathaniel Turner by Verna Mossong
Marsden Cross
Rangihoua Bay
The Marsden Cross Heritage Centre and Chapel. WHS Publication #85
Journal 2007
By Patricia Bawen
Mangungu (Hokianga) The story of the founding in 1827, and early days of
the Mangungu Mission on the Hokianga.
WHS Publication #4(2&3) 1945
First Years at Hokianga
by Dr. C.H.Laws
A survey of the events surrounding the signing of the
Treaty at Mangungu by the Rev. Wesley Chambers at
the commemoration service at Mangungu on the
24th March 1990.
WHS Publication #55 1990
Return to Mangungu
by W.A.Chambers and B.J.Jones
Paparoa A history of the first 100 years of the Paparoa Circuit. Paparoa Methodist Church 1867-1967

Port Albert Methodism in Port Albert from 1862 to 1967. Port Albert Methodist Church
Historical Survey and Witness 1862-1967

by E.W.Hames
Centenary of the building of Port Albert Church
1886 -1986
 Port Albert Methodist Church
100 Years of the Church Building
Rawene The history of the first 80 years of the Rawene
Methodist Church - 1876-1956.
WHS Publication #15(1) 1956
Through Changing Scenes -Rawene
80th Anniversary
by K.Abercrombie
Whangarei The report of Samuel Leigh's visit to Whangarei in 1823. WHS Publication #6(2) 1948
Leigh's visit to Whangarei Harbour 1823
by F.W.Reed
The story of the Oruaiti Chapel which is now in the
Whangarei Heritage Park but was originally a private
octagonal chapel opened in Kamo in 1861.
WHS Publication#2(4) 1943
Oruaiti Chapel in the Mangonui Circuit
by A.J.Johnston
Another story of the Oruaiti Chapel. WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
The Oruaiti Chapel
by G S Watson
(Minniesdale Chapel)
The story of the construction of the Minniesdale
Chapel in 1867 in the Albertland settlement, and its
use by many denominations since.
WHS Publication #5(4) 1947
The Minniesdale Chapel
by G.R.Thompson
 Warkworth This small Booklet gives a few snatched memories
of the Warkworth Methodist Church building through
its 100 year history. 1901 - 2001.
A Selection of Memories
Warkworth Methodist Church Building
Centenary 1901 -2001