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It is necessary to know a little of the past days-the people to whom the Missionaries came, the marvel of the early triumphs, the gathering clouds of war. the cruel disillusionment of the war days and the long uphill struggle to regain the confidence of the people and to re-establish the mission in the devastated areas. WHS Publications #5(2) 1946
Methodist Maori Missions Yesterday and Today 
by GI Laurenson 
A history of Maori Missions in NZ 1822-1972
WHS Publication #27 (1&2) 1972
Te Hahi Weteriana
by G.I.Laureson

Enduring Maori/Pakeha tensions in New Zealand Methodism. WHS Publication #82-83 - 2006
Weaving the Unfinished Mats 
The Maori response to the Gospel in NZ
WHS Publication #25(1-4) 1971
The Maori response to the Gospel
by R.D.Rakena
The Impact of Christianity on the Maori WHS Publication #12(4) 1955
The Impact of Christianity on the Maori
by A.W.Reed
The Maori response to the Gospel
(A paper presented at the
South Pacific Conference of the

World Methodist Historical Society, Auckland 1987)
WHS Publication #50 1987 (Paper)
The Maori Response to the Gospel
by R.D.Rakena, M.A.G.Couch, M.Te Whare,
H.P.Hauraki, B.I.Miller, T.R.Turner
 The impact of the Missionaries on the Maori people. WHS Publication #27(5) 1973
An Unexpected Impact
By J.M.R.Owens
Minapara and Te Aro The story of the Maori evangelist Minarapa
Te Rangi-hatu-ake 
810?- 1893? is a story that is interwoven with the founding of the Wakefield
settlement at Whanganui-a-Tara, Port Nicholson
(Wellington) on 22 January 1840.
WHS Publication #95 2012
Journal 2012
Minarapa Te Rangi-hatu-ake and Te Aro Pa, 1839-1841 
by Gary Clover
Rapaki A report on a bi-cultural bus tour to Rapaki in 1986.
It looks at the history of Rapaki Pa and its place in the
Methodist Church.
WHS Publication #49 Journal 1986
Alternative Tourism
by J Roberts
The Treaty of Waitangi The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi at Mangungu, 11-14 February, 1840

 The Church and the Treaty today

 A sign to the Church

 WHS Publication #55 1990
Return to Mangungu
Waiata Maori
The Methodist Home Mission Party was significant to
the choral scene in New Zealand, raising the status of
Maori performance during the 1920s and 1930s.
They performed to audiences throughout the country
seven days a week, almost twelve months a year, for
what amounted to fifteen years of performance.
The choir, which was later renamed the Waiata Maori
Choir in 1934, used the stage to entertain as well as to
educate their audiences about Methodism, Maori and
New Zealand.
WHS Publication #95 2012
Journal 2012

A Brief History of the Waiata
Maori Choir, 1924-1938
by Michelle Willyams

Wesley and
Maori Chiefs
"The New Zealand Chiefs in Wesley's house, 1863". This
is an article on this painting by J.Smethan, and
it's place
in NZ history.
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
A Historic Journey and Painting
by V.E.Mossong