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This Journal looks at the evangelical/charismatic fraternity
in the
Methodist Church of NZ through the 1960s - 1990s.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997

This essay looks at the events and issues influencing the
changing and developing attitudes of the Methodist and
Presbyterian Churches of New Zealand to South Africa
from 1947 to 1987.

Events and Issues influencing
the Attitudes of the Methodist
and Presbyterian Churches of
New Zealand to South Africa
from 1947 to 1987
E.E.Bolitho - Masters Thesis 1988.
Church Union The part played by the Methodist Church in the
search for unity between the churches up to 1983.
WHS Publication #41 1983
The Search for Unity - Methodism
and Ecumenism in NZ.
by Dr.J.J.Lewis,
A.K.Petch and R.D.Rakena
Historical reflections on Church Union and Ecumenical cooperation WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Article by A. Davidson in the
WHS Journal 2000
 Evangelism  New Zealand Methodism and evangelism. WHS Publication #42 1983
New Zealanders and the Methodist Evangel 
by P.Lineham 
Pacifism A letter written to a Dunedin schoolboy in 1989 in
which Walter Lawry, a Pacifist, reflects on his experiences,
especially during the second World War.
WHS Publication #58 Journal 1991-92
Personal Impressions of a Pacifist
by W. Lawry
Questioning the 
Methodists and a Questioning Faith describes how the
- Rev. C. H. Garland challenged the church in a lecture at the 
1893 Wesleyan Conference entitled "The Bearing of Higher
Criticism on Leading Evangelical Doctrines" especially
Science and Evolution.
- Rev J.G. Chapman was charged with Heresy in 1912
for "promulgating doctrines contrary to those of John Wesley."
WHS Publication #78, 2003
Methodists and a Questioning Faith
Science & Religion In "Changing Maps of the Universe", the Rev. Dr David
Bell examines the inter-relationship of Science and
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Springbok Tour 1981 In this paper, Elaine discusses the Apartheid issues
and the Methodist Church's response to them.
In this Journal there are also two other articles by
G.Tucker and B.Turner on this issue.
WHS Publication #58 Journal 1991-92
Springboks & N.Z. Methodists 1956-91
by E. Bolitho
Women Journal 1994 includes many articles about women in the
NZ Methodist Church. Included are: Phyllis Guthardt,
Jean Waugh, Margaret Glen, Kate Fletcher, Jane Smalley,
A.Lois White, Jeanie Lovell-Smith, Makereta Sotutu,
Susannah Napier, Rachael Zister, Mary Marks, Pat Evison,
Jane Woon and Margaret Pasey.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994