An Index to
NZ Methodist Church History OnLine

 Methodist Ministerial Appointments     A comprehensive register compiled by Donald Phillipps containing the names of all who have served as stationed ministers from the beginning of the Wesleyan Mission in 1822 to those who entered Ministry at the 1940 Conference, including details of their appointments since 1940. A Register of Ministers of the Methodist Church of New Zealand 
by Donald Phillipps
 Methodist Ministerial Appointments before 1961 This is a record of all Methodist Ministerial appointments before 1961, including the Wesleyan Methodists, the Primitive Methodists, the Free Methodists and the Bible Christians.
This is not at complete as Donald Phillipps register above, but does include some photographs.
Ministerial Appointments
before 1961
A Tribute to Home Missionaries - stories and tales
of their trials and tribulations.
WHS Publication #63 Journal 1996
A Tribute to Home Missionaries
by M and F Baker
See also individual names.    
Local Preachers The story of local preaching in the British Isles 
with an emphasis on the women. The lives of 
selected outstanding personalities, both men and 
women, are followed through.
WHS Publication #86 1999
Women Local Preachers in the British Isles
by D. Graham  
The story of William Hough, a Catechist and lay Preacher
in early NZ who 
worked in Nelson and Taranaki.

WHS Publication #86 1999 
William Hough: Catechist and Lay Preacher
A New Zealand Pioneer

by V. E. Mossong  
See also individual names.  
Jubilee Brochure 1907-1957 of the Methodist 
Deaconess Order.
WHS Publication #15(4) 1957
Methodist Deaconess Order 1907-57
by the Deaconess Board
Out of the Silence tells the story of women in the NZ
Methodist Church from the earliest days up to 1985.
It is a story of faith and determination.

Out of the Silence
by Ruth Fry
The story of the Methodist Deaconess Order and
an index of all those who have served in it. 
WHS Publication #48 1986
Not Self - But Others: The Deaconess Order
by W.A.Chambers

Journal 1994 includes many articles about women in 
the NZ Methodist Church. Included are: Phyllis 
Guthardt, Jean Waugh, Margaret Glen, Kate Fletcher, 
Jane Smalley, A.Lois White, Jeanie Lovell-Smith, 
Makereta Sotutu, 
Susannah Napier, Rachael Zister, Mary Marks, Pat 
Evison, Jane Woon and Margaret Pasey.
WHS Publication #61 
Journal 1994

In this 2002 WHS lecture, the Rev. Dr. Susan 
Thompson looks at the women who have attended 
Trinity College and the reactions to them.
WHS Publication #79
Journal 2004
Being "As Good As a Woman"
by Susan Thompson 
A Book Review of For Others With Love - A Story of
Early Sisters and Methodist Deaconesses
by Marcia
WHS Publication #95
Journal 2012
Book Review by Jill Richards.
See also individual names.  
Solomon Is /Bougainville

Ever Widening Circles contains articles about
John Veo Bitibule, Scotter and Mary Bo, Francis 
Bongbong, Hazel Boseto, Leslie Boseto, Daniel Bula, 
Edwin Daga, Stephen & Mulu Gadepeta, Belshazzar 
Gina, Paula Havea, Dora Rande Moata, Semisi Nau, 
David Pausu,  John Pirah, Iula (Ula) Qilanoba, Simon 
and Varosi Rigamu, Nathan Sipisong, Lester & 
Maybent Sogabule, Usaia Sotutu, Stephen Sukina, 
David Voeta 
WHS Publication #75 - 2001
Ever Widening Circles
Ed. Alan Leadley
See also individual names.    
Armitage, Alan Alan's Obituary in the WHS Journal 2003 WHS Publication #77
Journal 2003
Armitage, John
Marcia traces the contribution given to NZ Methodism
by  this family. William was one of the original Albertland settlers. His family and descendants gave much to the
Primitive Methodist Church during the 19th Century.
WHS Publication #72 - 2000
The Armitage Family by M. Baker in the
WHS Journal 2000
After serving for many years as a Local Preacher in
Canterbury, John Armitage was appointed as a Home
Missionary to Kaiapoi in 1873. He was ordained in 1878
and served in Oamaru and Kaiapoi. He was the first
editor of the New Zealand Wesleyan.
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
John Armitage, NZ Methodism's First
Editor by J.B.Dawson
Baker, Frank A tribute to the life and work of the Rev Dr Frank Baker
especially his contributions to the Wesley Historical
WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Obituary by J. Vickers in the
WHS Journal 2000
Beaumont, Pamela The story of Sister Pamela Beaumont's early life, and
her first term in Bougainville 1951-1953.
Falling Leaves
by Pamela Beamont
Sister Pamela Beaumont's own account of her time in Bougainville from 1954 to 1958.  Glimpses of Bougainville
by Pamela Beaumont
Brazendale, Graham Graham's Obituary in the WHS Journal 2003 WHS Publication #77
Journal 2003
Brown, George  This review of Helen Gardner's book George
Brown in Oceania
takes us back to his mission work.
We see George Brown operating as both evangelist
and anthropologist.  Fundamental questions are
raised about the missionary enterprise.
WHS Publication #82
Journal 2006 
 Book Review: Gathering for God:
George Brown in Oceania - by H B Gardner.
Reviewed by J Roberts
Buddle, Thomas The Rev Thomas and Mrs Buddle arrived in New
Zealand in 1840 just after the signing of the Treaty of
Waitangi. This book gives some of the story of their
lives here.
Meth. Literature & Colporteur Soc. 1940
Rev Thomas and Mrs Buddle
Pioneer Missionaries to New Zealand
Buller, James The story of James Buller 1812-1884 WHS Publication #23(1&2) 1966
Rev James Buller
by Bernard Gadd
This publication contains an article by Wes. Chambers
entitled The Master Builder: James Buller and the
Colonial Church in Canterbury.
WHS Publication #62 1995
Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers
Bumby, John The story the Rev. John Bumby, an early missionary to
New Zealand.
WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
By a Mysterious Providence
by I Whyle
The story of the Rev John Bumby told through the diaries
and reports of his contemporaries.
Methodist Church of Aotearoa-NZ
Rev John Bumby Commemoration 1990
by I.Whyle
Burt, Douglas  This is the Obituary for Douglas Howard Burt 1926-2010 WHS Publication #92
Douglas Howard Burt
Journal 2010
Carr, Thomas Goodwill The Rev T G Carr (1846-1935) tells his story of his ministerial career in New Zealand. My Life Story by T G Carr
Carter, George The Rev George Carter is best known for his work in the
Solomon Islands. This obituary tells the story of his life
and contribution to NZ Methodism.
WHS Publication #56 Journal 1990
George Gilmour Carter
This looks at the last resting place of George Carter
at Munda in the Solomon Islands.
WHS Publication #58 Journal 1991-92
Journey to Munda
by V.Mossong
Chambers, Wesley This publication is devoted to the Rev Wes Chambers
and contains eulogies and some of his articles and
WHS Publication #62 1995
Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers
Chapman, James Methodists and a Questioning Faith describes how the 
Rev J.G. Chapman was charged with Heresy in 1912
for "promulgating doctrines contrary to those of John

WHS Publication #78 
Methodists and a Questioning Faith
Chivers, Gladys Gladys and her husband Frank went to the Solomon
Islands in 1922. She died suddenly in 1927. This is her
story as told by Sister Lina.
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
A Missionary Tragedy - The Death of
Gladys Chivers by G.G.Carter
Cornwell, Irene Eva  Tribute by Rev Stan Gouge at her funeral. Irene
Shoosmith married Gordon Cornwell. 
WHS Publication #85 
Journal 2007
Tribute by Stan Gouge.
Cornwell, Gordon  The WHS obituary of the Rev. Gordon Cornwell. WHS Publication #79
Journal 2004
Obituary: Rev. Gordon Cornwell
Creed, Charles Frank Paine draws on letters and diaries of the
Rev Charles Creed, an early missionary who
arrived in NZ in 1838, to demonstrate the adversity he encountered and his determination to proclaim the
WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
Charles Creed, Intrepid Traveller
by Frank Paine. 
Crump, John The story of John Crump and his missionary
work in Papua New Guinea. 1894-1904
WHS Publication #29 1975
Misakaram - Rev. John Crump
by G.G.Carter
Davidson, Allan K. Allan Davidson's reflects on his friendships and
contacts with Methodists and Methodism throughout the duration of his ministry and vocation, teaching Church History.
WHS Publication #89 
Journal 2009
Travelling with Methodists
(and others) on the Good
Ship Oikoumene
by Allan K. Davidson.
Dawson, John A tribute to the Rev. John Dawson B.A. who served as
the editor for the WHS Proceedings from 1983-1989.
WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Obituary in the
WHS Journal 2000
Dawson, Selwyn The Obituary of the Rev Selwyn Dawson MA QSO
(reprinted from the New Zealand Herald )
WHS Publication #74 Journal 2001
One Lifelong Lesson in Loving Thy Neighbour by Gordon McLauchlan
Evison, Pat Pat Evison was a daughter of Rev. E. O. Blamires. This
is mainly the story of her parents and their influence on
NZ women.
WHS Publication #61 Journal 1994
Helen Jane Patricia ( Pat) Evision
Fairclough, Paul The story of the Rev Paul Wynyard Fairclough FRAS.
He was President of Conference in 1898 and was
appointed editor of The New Zealand Methodist from
WHS Publication #86
Journal 2008 
Fletcher, Kate A letter written about 1849 from Kate Fletcher, the
wife of Rev. Joseph Fletcher, to the WMS. This tells of
early missionary life in NZ.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Garland, Charles Methodists and a Questioning Faith describes how the 
- Rev. C. H. Garland challenged the church in a lecture
at the 
1893 Wesleyan Conference entitled "The Bearing
of Higher
Criticism on Leading Evangelical Doctrines"
Science and Evolution.
WHS Publication #78 
Methodists and a Questioning Faith  
Gilmore, Les Comments on the Rev Les Gilmore from some of his
contemporaries. Les was the WHS Secretary from
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
Les Gilmore as his Contemporaries
knew him.
Gina, Belshazzar The life and times of the Rev. Belshazzar Gina, the first
ordained Solomon Islander. His life with the Rev Goldie
and  as a minister to his people through the war.
WHS Publication #71 2000
Yours in His Service by G.C.Carter
Glen, Margaret Margaret grew up on Stewart Is and married Frank
in 1958. Frank joined the ministry. They helped
pioneer the NCC Industrial Chaplaincy at Manapouri.
Frank trained as a pilot and they went to the
Australian outback pioneering the Flying Padre patrols.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Greenwood, Bill A look at his life following his death in 1986. WHS Publication #49 Journal 1986
Bill Greenwood - Preacher - Historian- Methodist
by J B Dawson
Gooder, Northend From a talk by Dr. Elaine Bolitho. Karori Pioneer Families
by E E Bolitho 2012
Guthardt, Phyllis This Journal contains the Rev Guthardt's 1993
WHS lecture on being the first female minister
and an article on her.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Phyllis Myra Guthardt tells the story of the first woman
minister in the NZ Methodist Church.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Hames, Eric The Rev Eric Hames M.A. was a Fellow of both Trinity
and Wesley Colleges. He held many positions within
the Methodist Church of NZ served the Wesley Historical
Society in various positions for 54 years as member,
chairman and secretary until his death in 1984. He was
Principal of Trinity
College for many years.
WHS Publication #46
Journal 1985
Eric Hames - Churchman, Historian,
Hames, Inez Inez Hames tells of her Missionary work in Fiji.
WHS Publication #27(5) 1973
I Remember - A Missionary in Fiji
by Inez Hames
Harding, Isaac The life of the pioneer minister Rev. Isaac Harding
who served as a minister in Auckland, Otago,
Wellington and Australia for 61 years. 1815-1897
WHS Publication #31(1&2) 1977
Glimpses of the Work of Rev. I. Harding
by A.Harding
Harper, George The Westland Diary of the Rev. G. S. Harper
WHS Publication #20(3) 1964
Gold Digging and the Gospel - Westland
Diary of Rev.G.S.Harper
by J.H.Haslam
Harris, Charles The Rev Charles Harris worked for many years in the
Ohura district, as a Local Preacher in Geraldine, and
as a Home Missionaryin Ohura from 1915-18.
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
Reverend Charles Harris
by J.L. Woodhouse
Hobbs, John The life and work of the Rev. John Hobbs
WHS Publication #13(2-4) 1955
Brother John by T.G.M.Spooner
Hoult, Dr Gerald Dr Hoult was a medical missionary at Helena Goldie Hospital in the Solomons 1948-1962. This highlights the challenges that medical work faced and the development of services, often under very difficult circumstances. WHS Publication #92
Dr Gerald Hoult - Helena Goldie Hospital by P Taylor
Journal 2010

Hornblow, Edgar The Rev Edgar Hornblow was the founder of the
Aldersgate Fellowship and its president for 7 years.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997
Hough, William A Catechist and lay Preacher in early NZ who
worked in Nelson and Taranaki.

WHS Publication #86 1999
William Hough: Catechist and Lay Preacher
A New Zealand Pioneer

by V. E. Mossong
Ironside, Samuel
The story of the Cloudy Bay Mission established in Port
Underwood in 1840 and was there until 1855
  WHS Publication #11(1) 1952
Samuel Ironside and the Cloudy Bay Mission
by F.W.Smith
This publication contains an interesting article on
Samuel Ironside and his brother Isaac.
WHS Publication #62 1995
Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers
Douglas Burt's personal links with Samuel Ironside.
This is followed by two further article by Doug Burt on
other links with Samuel Ironside.
WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
Samuel's Other Sheep by D.Burt
This is the 1985 WHS lecture given by Wes Chambers
and follows the life of the Rev Samuel Ironside.
WHS Publication #46
Journal 1985
Samuel Ironside in Church & Community
by W.A.Chambers
This book details the life of Samuel Ironside in New
Zealand between 1839 and 1858 when he went to
WHS Publication 1982
Samuel Ironside in New Zealand 1839 - 1858
by W.A.Chambers
Jefferies, Olive
(later Williams)
Sister Olive tells of her work in Dunedin around 1900. WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
A Letter from Sister Olive
Johnson, Richard The story of Richard Johnson - the first chaplain in
Marsden was appointed to assist him.
(A paper presented at the South Pacific Conference
of the World Methodist Historical Society, Auckland
WHS Publication #50 1987 (Paper)
The Apostle of Methodism - Richard
Johnson (1753-1827)

by F. Baker
Jones, Henry $ Mary From a talk by Dr. Elaine Bolitho. Karori Pioneer Families
by E E Bolitho 2012
Jones, Lina The story of SisterLina Jones and her missionary work
in the Western Solomon Islands. 1890-1979
WHS Publication #45 1985
Valuable Beyond Price - Sister Lina Jones
by G.G.Carter
King, Michael  The WHS obituary of Michael King, by Dr. Peter
WHS Publication #79
Journal 2004
Obituary: Michael King 
Knight Family

Pioneers William and Mary Ann Knight and family
sailed from Cornwall on the Duke of Roxburgh, settling
in Lower Hutt in 1840. Family, including son James
Penrose Knight were active in Lower Hutt Methodist
Churches. The family grew and spread over the North
Island, as land became available. Cornish ingenuity
and adaptability were key values enabling them to
adjust to colonial life through war, peace and ongoing
social changes into the 21st century.

Knights from Cornwall
Stories of the Knight Family in New Zealand

by Elaine Bolitho
Lange, David  John Roberts surveys the life of one of our most
colourful Prime Ministers and argues that David
Lange was deeply influenced by Methodism both
in New Zealand and Britain.
WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
David Lange and his Methodism
by John Roberts
Laurenson, George An obituary written following his death in 1988.
George was especially known for his work with the
Home Mission and Maori Mission Department.
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
George Irvine Laurenson, C.B.E.

Lawry, Keith A tribute to Keith Howard Lawry, a greatgrandson of
Walter Lawry. He served as Treasurer to the WHS
from 1971-1988.
WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Obituary in the
WHS Journal 2000
Lawry, Walter The story of Rev Walter Lawry and his missionary
work in Australia, Tonga and New Zealand.
WHS Publication #23(4) 1967
Walter Lawry and the Wesleyan Mission
in the South Seas
by E.W.Hames
The story of Walter Lawry's courtship and marriage
to Mary Hassall.
WHS Publication #49 Journal 1986
A Missionary Marries
Le Heron, Bernie 

Bernie Le Heron has completed a successful term
as editor of the WHS Journal. Bernie has overseen the development of the Journal in recent years and has
always been convinced of its important place in the
life of the church.

WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
Tribute to Retiring Editor -
Bernie Le Heron
by Susan Thompson 
 Obituary: Bernrad Le Heron 1918-2010. WHS Publication #92
Bernard Le Heron.
Journal 2010
Leigh, Samuel Samuel Leigh the first NZ Wesleyan missionary
1822-1827 and his Whangaroa Mission Station
WHS Publication #3(1&2) 1944
Toil and Adversity in Whangaroa
by Dr.C.H.Laws
This publications contains a number of letters written
by Samuel Leigh and his wife, and others written to
WHS Publication #62 1995
Rev. Wesley Albert Chambers
Jim Stuart tells the story of Samuel Leigh and the first
Wesleyan Mission on the Whangaroa Harbour.
WHS Publication #87/88 2008
Making Connections Down Under
by Jim Stuart
Lewis, John J J J Lewis was a respected spiritual guide both within
Methodism and beyond, in ecumenical circles. He was
recognised as one whose words should be listened to.
Though his presence was quiet and gentle, one came
to see that his contribution could never be ignored.
The impact lie had on generations of Methodist and
Anglican theological students continues to be evident
in ministries in many parishes around the country.

WHS Publication #73 2001

John J Lewis - Gracious Prophet

Jennie was a partner of Kate Sheppard in the franchise
and temperance movement for 40 years. She died in
1924 and is remembered in the Upper Riccarton
Methodist Church.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Luxford, John The story of the NZ Military Chaplain Rev. John H.
Luxford CMG 1854-1921
WHS Publication #23(3) 1967
Padre John Luxford C.M.G.
by F.G.Glen
Marks, Mary Jane She went as a teen with Rev Skevington to the
Waimate Mission Station.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
McHardie, David A tribute to a man who was an indefatigable worker for
the Methodist Church in the Rangitikei-Manawatu area
from 1866 - 1879.
WHS Publication #44
Journal 1984
David McHardie - Pioneer Methodist
by G.Saunders
Miller, Barbara The Rev. Barbara Miller traces her spiritual journey.  WHS Publication #79
Journal 2004
Barbara Miller: My Spiritual Journey 
Miller, Frederick The story of the missionary Frederick Miller of
Wakatumutumu on the banks of the Mokau. One of
the least known of our missionaries. 1816-1848
WHS Publication #16(5) 1959
Sowing the Seed in Pioneer NZ -
Frederick Miller of Wakatumutumu
by G.Elliott
Susannah Napier married Frederick Miller and after
his death, she went to Tonga as a missionary.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Minarapa Te Rangi-hatu-ake  The story of the Maori evangelist Minarapa 
Te Rangi-hatu-ake 
810?- 1893? is a story that is 
interwoven with the founding of the Wakefield 

settlement at Whanganui-a-Tara, Port Nicholson
(Wellington) on 22 January 1840.

WHS Publication #95 2012
Journal 2012
Minarapa Te Rangi-hatu-ake and Te Aro Pa, 1839-1841 
by Gary Clover  
Morley, William The story of the Rev. Dr. William Morley -
"A Statesman of God among Australasian Methodists".
A description of his work in New Zealand.
WHS Publication #20(1&2) 1964
William Morley - Statesman of God
by B.Gadd
Morley's record as a Church leader has never been
equalled in the Methodist Church 
of New Zealand. Mr
Thomas has given us all we need to know why this is
so. What he has shared with us is eminently readable,
and he deserves both our commendation for what 
has written and our time in reading it.
WHS Publication #80
Morley A Man for his Time
by William F F Thomas

Mossong, Verna Written when she is awarded a QSM, this outlines her
contribution to the NZ Methodist Archives, WHS and
women's organisations.
WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Article by P. Taylor in the
WHS Journal 2000
Verna Mossong farewalled from the Auckland Archives
August 2001.
WHS Publication #74 Journal 2001
Verna Mossong Farewelled
Napier, Susannah See Frederick Miller.
Nuttall, Roger An obituary notice for the Rev. A. Roger G. Nuttall. WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
In Memory of Roger Nuttall by D.Burt
Orchard, John and Susan

John's ministry spans the most vigorous period of
Bible Christian activity in New Zealand, of which
undoubtedly the most outstanding figure was
John himself, ably assisted by his wife.[Journal 2005
contains a reprint of the original article with some
minor additions.]

WHS Publications #51 & #81
Journal 1988 and
Journal 2005
John and Susan Orchard - Bible Christians
by B.A.Peddie
Pacey, Margaret Margaret was the President of the MWMU for its first
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Parker, Wes Wes Parker's Obituary in the WHS Journal 2003  WHS Publication #77
Journal 2003  
Pausu, David David Pausu was the most loved and influential man
in Siwai, southern Bougainville. Known as the
WHS Publication #35 1979
Peacemakers -David Pausu and the United
Church of South Bouganville.
by A.H.Voyce
Penman, Jack Tributes to Jack Penman by Mary Caygill and Keith
Taylor "Growth in Love" - a sermon by Jack Penman
"Ordination Change" by Jack Penman Conference
WHS Publication #86
Journal 1988
Richards, Jill The Rev. Jill Richards traces her spiritual journey. WHS Publication #79
Journal 2004
Jill Richards: My Spiritual Journey 
Richardson, John Bell The Rev. J.B.Richardson was a NZ Methodist minister
who served in may Circuits around NZ. He was the
President of Conference in 1881. 1840-1881
WHS Publication #19(3) 1962
John Bell Richardson
by C.J.Luxton
Rigg, Frank The Rev Frank Rigg was involved with the Methodist
Revival Fellowship for over 25 years.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997
Rive, Philip & Annie From a talk by Dr. Elaind Bolitho Karori Pioneer Families
by E E Bolitho 2012
Roberts, David David's farewell from the WHS WHS Publication #77
Journal 2003
Salmon, John The Spiritual Journey of the Rev. John Salmon WHS Publication #78 
Methodists and a Questioning Faith
A Spiritual Journey by John Salmon
Sanson, Henry First in the Hutt, then in the Manawatu district,
he was untiring in his support of Methodist services, leaving everywhere substantial memorials of his wisely-directed zeal and liberality.

Sanson Trust  2004
Sayers, Sir Edward Sir Edward Sayers was Methodist missionary in the
Solomons, military medical administrator, consultant
physician then Dean of the University of Otago School
of Medicine.
WHS Publication #46
Journal 1985
Sir Edward Sayers
Schnackenburg, Cort Cort Henry Schnackenburg was a German missionary.
He spent many years in Mokau with little support and
then moved onto Kawhia and Raglan. 1843-1880
WHS Publication #57 1991
A Pioneer Missionary - Cort
 Schnackenburg -
Mokau to Raglan

by G.E.J.Hammer
Scrimgeour, Colin A book review by Barry Jones of 

SCRIM - the man with a mike by William Renwick 

WHS Publication #95
Journal 2012
Book Review - The Man With a Mike
Sipisong, Nathan The story of Nathan Sipisong and the Coastwatchers
who remained on Bougainville during the Japanese
WHS Publiction #74, Journal 2001
Nathan Sipisong: Wartime Adventures
edited by Audrey Bruce
Skevington, John John Skevington (1814-1835) came to NZ on the
Triton with Thomas Buddle and others. He work in
Taranaki and Wanganui and died at 30 totally worn
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
Memento Mori - John Skevington
by D.Phillipps
Gary Clover shows how John Skevington was
sent to South Taranaki at least in part to "forestall
the influence of 'Popery' and 'Puseyism".
WHS Publication #89
Journal 2009
A Life of the Reverend
John Skevington 1815-1845
by Gary Clover
Skinner, Thomas Thomas Skinner was a Catechist who served in Sth
Taranaki with William Woon, at Taupo, New Plymouth
and the Hokianga.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Thomas Skinner, Catechist
Slade, William The story of Rev. William Slade (1859-1916) a N.Z.
missionary to Fiji.
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
William Slade of Fiji
by W.G.Slade
Smales, Gideon This is the story of the Rev Gideon Smales, a
missionary to Aotea Harbour in 1844, and later the
founder of St. John's Church, East, Tamaki
WHS Publication #46
Journal 1985
A Man and his Church by D.Roberts
Smalley, Jane Jane was the wife of Rev. Joseph Smalley. This article
quotes extensively from an article she wrote in 1892
on "Female Enfranchisement".
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Snowden, Rita A trubute to the life and work of Sister Rita Snowden. WHS Publication #72 - 2000
Obituary by M. Dine in the
WHS Journal 2000
Spooner, Tom Tom was a historian. He is first recorded as writing
Brother John for the Wesley Historical Society.
He died in 1997.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997
Sotutu, Makereta Makereta, a Fijian, was a teacher at the Methodist
Mission on the island of Buka in the Trust Territory of
New Guinea in the 1940s. This tells of her life and work
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Tahu, Mareta Rev Mareta Tahu was the first woman to be ordained
as a minister of the United Church of Solomon Islands.
WHS Publication #76
The Story of My Life in the Church
Journal 2002

Tawhai, Mohi Mohi is referred to in the previous article in this Journal.
He was a Hokianga area Maori Chief of Waima, a
staunch Christian loyal to the Wesleyan Missionaries.
WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
About Mohi Tawhai by V.Mossong
Taylor, Phil Rev Phil Taylor tells the story of his Spiritual Journey. WHS Publication #89 
Journal 2009
Spiritual Journey
by Phil Taylor
Te Putakarua, Te Awaroa, Te Matoe and Te Hau Maringi   Te Putakarua, Te Awaroa, Te Matoe and Te Hau Maringi - Why Methodists should know and commemorate them. Gary Clover's article on these Wesleyan martyrs recalls the dangers faced by Maori evangelists in the 19C. Their courage and determination to make the gospel known among their people is an inspiration to us in this day. WHS Publication #92
Te Putakarua, Te Awaroa, Te Matoe and Te Hau Maringi
by Gary Clover
Journal 2010
Thomas, John A play written for the 1988 Conference about The Rev.
John Thomas, a missionary to Tonga. It gives us
glimpses of his life and work there. It covers the period
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
Thomasi: For Islands Far Away
by H.Bray
Thornley, Robert Robert's Obituary in the WHS Journal 2003.  WHS Publication #77
Journal 2003
Turner, Anne An article from The Australasian Methodist Missionary
Review about Mrs Anne (Sargent) Turner, the wife of

the Missionary Rev. Nathaniel Turner.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
The Wonderful Woman of Wesleydale.
Turner, Brian  Brian Turner shares with us the fruits of his research
into his family history. 
WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
Pot-pourri of Catholicity
Turner, Nathaniel The story of the Rev. Nathaniel Turner, a missionary
at Kaeo.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Rev. Nathaniel Turner by Verna Mossong
Tuza, Esau 

Jocelyn Howie and Alan Leadley collaborate in writing
an obituary to the Reverend Esau Tusa, a prominent
Solomon Island minister.

WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
Obituary - The Rev. Esau Tuza 
Verry, Bruce  An obituary for the Bruce Verry, who was a
ongstanding and active member of the Wesley
Historical Society.
WHS Publication #81
Journal 2005
Obituary - Bruce Verry
by Jill Weeks 
Voeta, David David Voeta was one of the most extraordinary
pioneer missionaries of the early Solomons Islands
Church. This is his story.
WHS Publication #28(5) 1974
David Voeta - Pioneer Missionary
by G.G.Carter
Voyce, Harry The Rev Harry Voyce was for over 30 years a noted
figure as a pioneer missionary in Bouganville, army
chaplain in the Pacific War, and founder of church
communities in North Solomons. He died in 1984.
WHS Publication #46
Journal 1985
Harry Voyce Pioneer Missionary
Wallis, James The story of The Rev James Wallace, an early missionary who set up a mission station at Te Horea (Whaingaroa - Raglan) in 1835, at Tangiteroria (Nth Kaipara Harbour) in 1836, and at Nininihi (Whaingaroa - Raglan) again in 1838. He served there for 20 years. WHS Publication #21/  No.1&2 
Rev. James Wallis  
by C.T.J.Luxton)
Watkin, Jabez Division and Reunion in Tongan Methodism by Allan K. 
Davidson includes the work of the Rev. J. B. Watkin.
WHS Publication #76
Journal 2002
 Watkin James  Tells of the character and achievements of the Rev. James Watkin, pioneer Wesleyan missionary to Otago (and indeed to the South Island), where he and his wife arrived at Waikouaiti on board the ship "Regia" on May 16th, 1840. WHS Publication #33 1978
James Watkin - Pioneer Missionary 
by R.Belmer
Waugh, Jean Brian and Jean Waugh settled in NZ in 1945. Brian was
a  pilot. They helped create the Order of St Luke while
living at Stoke. Brian died in 1984 and Jean became a
Methodist minister.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Wesley, Charles Alison Fields considers the hymns of Charles Wesley as a literary form that reveals the theology of the Methodist movement in the eighteenth century. The hymn, she argues, can be just as revealing of theology as the sermon or theological discourse. WHS Publication #93
Journal 2011
Hymn Writer Charles Wesley by Alison Fields
Wesley, John An in depth look at the theology of John Wesley
and how it applies today (1987).
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
Law and Grace: John Wesley's Theology Today
by R.G.Tuttle
Commemorating the 250th anniversary of the
conversion of John Wesley in 1738. Two articles
show the commemorations in NZ and England.
WHS Publication #52, Journal 1989
- How New Zealand Kept the Feast.
- NZ was represented at St Pauls Cathedral, London 24th May 1988
Whaley, Graham  His spiritual Journey.  WHS Publication #85
Journal 2007
by Graham Whaley
White, A. Lois A. Lois White was an artist who used her paintings as
vehicles for religious and political statements that were
controversial in their day.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
White, Bryan Bryan joined the Methodist Revival Fellowship in 1980
and was the President of Methodist Affirm in 1997.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997
White, Eliza Eliza was the wife of Rev. William White and gives
some  idea of her life in New Zealand.
WHS Publication #67 1998
Journal 1998
Eliza White's Autograph Album
White, John H. Home Missionary John H. White was a pioneer
missionary on the Taranaki coast. 1893-1920
WHS Publication #18(3) 1960
John H. White and the Coast Mission
by H.R.White
White, William This is the diary of Hannah Martin (nee White) the
niece of the Rev.William White who arrived in NZ in
1823 to work with the Rev. Samuel Leigh. Hannah
arrived in NZ in 1834.
WHS Publication #69 1999
Journal 1999
Grandma Hannah (White) Martin's Story
by E.P,Martin
Whiteley, John The story of the life of the missionary Rev. John
Whiteley until his massacre at Pukearuhe in 1869.
WHS Publication #10(3) 1952
John Whiteley - Missionary Martyr
by G.G.Carter
Another look at the life of John Whiteley. WHS Publication #24(3&4) 1968
John Whiteley 1806-1869
by W.W.H.Greenslade
A reprint of an article first printed in Proceedings in
1931. This includes details of John Whiteley's death.
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
How the Waitara War Ended
by J.T.Pinfold (from 1931 Proceedings)
The 1991 Annual Lecture looks at John Whiteley's
attitude to the land question, especially in North
WHS Publication #58 1991-91
Journal 1991-1992

A look at the issues in the Land wars and the part
John Whiteley played in resolving them.
WHS Publication #64 1996
John Whiteley - Land Sovereignty
and the Land Wars of the 19th C
by G.Brazendale
 Whyle, Ivan  This the Obituary of Ivan John Whyle 1923-2010  WHS Publication #92
Ivan John Whyle
Journal 2010
Williams, Harold   Harold Williams is one of New Zealand Methodism's
remarkable characters.  This tells the story of his life
in this land and his time as a political correspondent
for leading British newspapers during momentous days in Russian history. We are introduced to his prodigiouslinguistic abilities, his sympathy with revolutionary
thinkers and his visit to Tolstoy.  
WHS Publication #82
Journal 2006
Harold Whitmore Williams - The Forgotten Genius by F Baker & T Blagova
This book review of Russia's Greatest Enemy - Harold
Williams and the Russian Revolutions 
 by Charlotte Alston
written by Garth Cant, retells much of the story of Harold
WHS Publication #86
Journal 2008
Williams, Olive   See Olive Jefferies.  
Winiata, Te Rua Garth Cant writes of the ministry offered to the Church by Te Rua Winiata. He places her life in historical context and then traces the way in which she made a conspicuous contribution in sharing Te Taha Maori's insights on the stage of the World Council of Churches. Special attention is given to theological developments such as Te Taha Maori's Ka Ora theology.   WHS Publication #92
Te Rua Winiata and the WCC 1991-1998
by Garth Cant
Journal 2010
Woodfield, Owen The Rev Owen Woodfield was the chairman for the
Methodist Revival Fellowship for its first 10 years.
WHS Publication #65 1997
Journal 1997
Woodhouse, Jim This was the story of Jim Woodhouse, a Home
Missionary to Ohura,
who died in 1987.
WHS Publication #51 Journal 1988
Jim Woodhouse of Ohura
by G. Bennett
Woon, Jane A letter written in 1846 by Jane Woon, the wife of the
Rev W. Woon, to the Rev. Walter Lawry.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Jane Woon - her life. WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994
Zister, Rachael A chiefly Maori woman born in 1893 -
greatgrand-daughter John & Jane Hobbs.
WHS Publication #61
Journal 1994