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The Board of the Wellington Methodist Charitable and Educational Endowments Trust


The Wellington Methodist Charitable and Educational Endowments Trust offers grants to support child and youth development projects in the Wellington Region. The objective of the Trust is to help maintain, educate, support and develop children and young people who are Maori, or of other cultures, and permanently resident in Aotearoa New Zealand.

The Trusts origins are in a grant made on the 27th October 1852 when the Crown gave a parcel of land comprising approx 73 acres to Rev James Watkin, the Superintendent of Wesleyan Missions "in trust for the use of and towards the maintenance of a school therein mentioned so long as religious education, industrial training, and instruction in the English language shall be given to the youth educated therein"; on 10 July 1869, approx 261 acres in the Foxton area; and on 23 November 1868 approx 2 acres in the township of Foxton.

With the adoption of The Wellington Methodist Charitable and Educational Trusts Act 1916 (later amended) , these properties were transferred from individuals to the new Board. Today, only the farm (at Moutoa, near Foxton) is owned by the Board. The purpose of the Board is to provide "benefit, maintenance, or education" of children and youth. The purpose is defined more fully in the Act of Parliament where it specifically refers to Maori children and youth, and to those of any other race being British subjects.

The Trust makes grants for youth and children's education totaling approximately $150,000 each year. This funding is used to support some youth and children's related initiatives undertaken by Methodist Church; and there are also grants open to community groups and low decile schools in the greater Wellington area. Applications for grants open in November each year and close in December, with funds distributed in May or June. The opportunity to apply for the community grants is advertised in local community newspapers.

Application form and criteria

To qualify for a grant you must be able to demonstrate:

1. a focus on the development of children or youth, especially Maori

2. you are a non profit organisation located in, or servicing, the Wellington region

To request an application form contact:

The Secretary, BWMCEET, PO Box 50 637, Porirua 5240 


If you include an email address the application form will be emailed to you.