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Covid-19 Advisory - 5 March weekly briefing

Kia ora e te whanau

As this week winds down, let us send encouragement to our whanau on the eastern coasts as many people are evacuating with the tsunami warnings. Look after yourselves and each other and please keep an eye on the Civil Defence warnings to stay safe. We hold you in our prayers as we wait for the seas to settle once more.

Video Link

Also this week the MCNZ Covid-19 website has been updated. All new updates are highlighted in yellow.

Key updates: Wage Subsidy Scheme March 2021, and a note from Faith and Order regarding Holy Communion.

You are encouraged to keep checking in with our website to ensure you have the best information that is available to you.

We have been thinking about Easter camps this week and would remind you to...

  • Think flexibly – have a contingency plan for your Easter Camp in case an Alert Level change occurs suddenly
  • Think safety – how will you keep people Covid safe if your East Camp is able to go ahead?
  • Think about Police Vetting – are all your people up to date on their Police Vetting?

Mission Resourcing manage the Police Vetting process for us all.

We have had queries about Alert Level 2 and having morning tea after the church service, and having Holy Communion.

To keep people safe at Alert Level 2 we are saying let us not share food and drink at this time, which also means not holding Holy Communion at Alert Level 2.

However, we can wait to see the results of what the Government says, today or tomorrow. We can wait a week if they decide to maintain the current Alert Levels and maybe have Holy Communion next week. Sorry Auckland, you are unlikely to reduce down to Alert Level 1, but we will see!

The Faith and Order Convenor, David Poultney, is going to be continuing these discussions around some of the protocols of us being able to take communion face to face at church or doing it at home. What are the online possibilities? These discussions are still to be held. Suffice to say we are all in this together.

We want to make sure that we stay safe and that we are caring for each other. As we come up to the decision of Government, which is coming up within the next day or so, we want to make sure that we are doing everything that WE can to ensure our whole Church is safe.

Thank you! Have a great weekend.

Tara and Trudy

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator


MCNZ Covid-19 site

Wage Subsidy March 2021

Holy Communion

Mission Resourcing Police Vetting process and forms

Covid-19 Advisory - Alert Level Changes

Kia ora whanau,

An update from the Connexional Office on the latest Covid-19 Alert Level changes.

CLICK HERE to see the video

Tara made it back last night after braving the way from Northland to Tamaki (Auckland)and waiting for about 3 hours in the queue, so she knows some of the frustration that's been going on throughout our communities as we adjust once again in this latest Covid Alert Level environment.

Just a reminder about numbers of people at gatherings for our different Alert Levels.

·         At Alert Level 3 up to 10 people can gather for weddings, funerals and tangihanga.

·         At Alert Level 2 we can have gaterhings of up to 100 people.

The Government is also encouraging us to wear face masks in public areas like shops. In addition to that the Church is encouraging people to wear face masks at church services. So at Alert Level 2 even though we can gather in numbers up to 100 people, please wear a face mask and take that extra step of keeping people safe.

In addition, all face to face meetings with connexional office staff will be shifted to Zoom meetings for the week of those lockdowns, and the following week. This will give certainty to people around travel arrangements and bookings.

The Government have confirmed they will be reinstating the wage subsidies, this information will be given to us late Monday afternoon, and we hope to have all the information out to parishes by lunchtime on Wednesday so there is certainty around what you can and can't apply for in terms of the wage subsidy.

There is a lot going on whanau. What is best for us as Church is that we continue to work together and that we continue to be kind and help each other as much as possible.

The Connexional Office is here to receive any questions you may have. Call, text or email and we will answer as soon as possible.

Untill we see each other again, stay safe, keep well and God bless.

Tara, Trudy and Sarah.


Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator

Sarah Andrews


Get the best Covid-19 information from

Current locations of interest and what you need to do CLICK HERE

Information for Pacific Peoples CLICK HERE

Video link


Covid-19 Advisory - weekly briefing

Kia ora koutou

 Another new community case today points to contact tracing being the best thing we can do to find out if we have been at a location of interest, and if you have been at a location of interest you need to know where you have been in case you test positive for Covid-19.

 Keep an eye on the locations of interest at this website CLICK HERE

 I would be interested in learning how isolation at home works when not all household members have been at a location of interest: how easy is it to isolate one member of the household from everyone else if only the one person was at a location of interest?

 Advice to Auckland parishes... how safe the parish feels will determine whether you should hold in person services or not. And if you do hold in person services then I recommend that you wear a mask for the entire services. I know it is likely to be uncomfortable but we wear masks to keep others safe.

 Take care everyone, and have a great weekend!

 Ka kite.

Health and Safety Coordinator


Our video

 Locations of Interest:

Kia ora whanau

It is great to reconnect again with you again at the end of the week, a week that has seen us move down Alert levels. Auckland is now at Alert Level 2 and the rest of the country is at Alert Level 1.

Something we all need to be remembering to do is use our QR tracer app wherever we are going outside as well as to make sure that we keep a diary of our journey of where we are going so we can keep tracing our movements, if we need to.

This is particularly important so we can reduce the time that any contact tracing may take. As we have recently seen, one person catches COVID-19 and another person catches it and the close contacts' bubble becomes so much bigger.

In addition, the Government introduced further requirements to wear face coverings at Alert Level 1. Everyone is asked to wear face masks on public transport and you should also expect your taxi driver or ride-share driver to also wear a mask.

Mask up whanau!

This is so important, I have two kids – one in high school and one in university and they both take public transport and they are also taking masks with them wherever they go.

Whatever it takes to keep us safe, we've got this. We just need to make sure we are looking out for each other.

That also means understanding that some of us might need to be checked in on from time to time. Phone, text, email, visit. Make sure we are looking after each other.

We wish you Lenten greetings at this special time of our liturgical year. We wish you a wonderful weekend and we look forward to speaking with you again soon.

 Ka kite!

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator

View our video message

Please contact Trudy if you would like a Contact Tracing Diary, these are available in many languages.

Also available is a powerpoint about Contact Tracing and why it is important (could be used as a pre-service presentation as people are coming in to worship). CLICK HERE

Covid-19 Advisory - New Alert Levels

Tena koutou katoa

With Auckland moving to Alert Level 3 and the rest of us moving to Alert Level 2 we hope that you are prepared for the changes that come with the new alert levels.

We are back to wearing face masks more often in public, more hand washing (not that we ever stopped!), maintaining more physical distancing for a few days, and keep scanning those QR codes.

We need to ensure we have the information we need to get us through this. Our website is up to date, there is very little new advice as we have been here before, and also check out the Government's Unite Against COVID-19 website if you require further information.

Auckland people will need to start Zooming online again under Alert Level 3 as our buildings are closed and all in person programmes and meetings are cancelled until the alert level drops. Remember to cancel all gatherings and cutural ceremonies including kava ceremonies outside of your household bubbles.

Whanau, we've got this!

We've been here before but this time we want to make sure that we are reaching out to all those that need our support at this critical time.

Check in with each other, by telephone, email, text or an appropriate phsycial distance just to make sure that we are all feeling good.

One final word, we keep in our thoughts and our prayers the family who are directly affected and the people and friends around them, and also our friends and family in Auckland. This is a tough time for them, but we continue to keep them in our prayers as we do each other.

We wish you a very good day and please call us if you need to get in touch with us.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator

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