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Greetings in Fijian Language Week

Bula dear friends!

Greetings in Fijian Language week. 

Aotearoa is now reunited in Alert Level 1! Well done Auckland!
As always I urge us all to beware of complacency. The latest outbreak we had was only 6 people. It didn't warrant lockdown or any other stronger measures thanks firstly to the first person getting tested early when they felt ill, and secondly to the great contact tracing efforts.

The current talk about sharing our bubble with Australia means that we must strongly continue with good hygiene, with great contact tracing and COVID awareness. We need to learn how to reopen our bubble borders, but this is not the time for complacency!

Therefore I urge you to re-commit to the basics:

- Stay home if you're sick
- Call the Healthline if you have cold or flu symptoms 0800 611 116
- Wear a face covering if you are at risk
- Keep track of where you've been
- Keep track of who visits
- Wash your hands
- Cough or sneeze into your elbow
- Clean surfaces that get touched frequently
- Maintain physical distancing
- Wash your hands again
- And be kind, always be kind

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Let us once again give thanks for our COVID-19 security we have in Aotearoa, and let us pray for those who are still badly affected in so many parts of the world.

Grace be to you, and peace.



Dear Friends

Again with relief, our Alert Level changes are heading in the right direction again.

From this last round of Alert Level 2 and 2.5 we know that Contact Tracing is very important. Make sure your building has its own COVID Tracing QR code and make sure you keep Contact Tracing even at Alert Level 1! We know that if you get COVID-19 the health officials will want to trace your contacts from around five days before you noticed symptoms.

Did you know?

You can have your own QR Poster at home. This is useful if you often receive visitors. Create your own poster using the instructions from

You can order a NZ COVID Tracer booklet if you can't use the smartphone Contact Tracer app. Available to print and in many languages. Twenty years from now it may even be a collectors item!

Our plan shows where we may differ from our CV partner churches. Look for the red/yellow marks through the Alert Level charts. Inform Trudy if you know of more differences!

You can print mini QR Posters to stick on the back of chairs in the chapel. Lets face it - we often forget to scan codes at the door, and then are to embarrassed to stand up and go scan the code! Take a print screen of your QR code and shrink it. You should be able to fit six or maybe more onto an A4 piece of paper.

Our editable Play it Safe Posters have been updated for Alert Levels 1 and 2. Check out all the new download files!

These are not the easiest of times. When in doubt, breath in, breath out, pray and repeat.

Let us enjoy the upcoming changes for our services at our reduced Alert Levels.

Yours in peace, grace and singing the roof down (safely) at Alert Level 1


Rev David Bush

General Secretary

Face Masks

Dear friends

This week I received a query as to whether it is OK to gather 10 people in the chapel, 10 people in the lounge and 10 people in the hall to meet the 10 people gathering at Alert Level 2.5.

The short answer was no. No circumvention, no complacency, no compromise.

If those groups had their own separate and distinct building facilities (toilets and kitchens, entries and exits), and only if they did not mingle in any physical manner or form, then it would be OK. Read more…


On Monday Auckland moved to Alert Level 2 with continued restrictions on gathering

Dear friends

We have seen COVID-19 touch multiple churches in Auckland recently. We cannot afford to become complacent in our COVID-19 fighting habits.
The Ministry of Health is encouraging testing in the South Auckland area. Please take up the opportunity to be tested as part of the effort to eliminate Covid-19. President Setaita was being tested at Lotofale'ia in Mangere last Friday. Read more…

Stay Flexible!

Kia ora dear friends

It is interesting times at our New Zealand borders and grim times outside our borders while we settle into a new normal.

On Wednesday the Government shared their Stamp it Out plan to respond to any new COVID-19 cases in the community.

Community spread is more than new arrivals jumping the arrival-isolation fence as people may be properly cleared to leave isolation and yet still turn positive later. Community transmission will mean some of our parishes may enter a regional lockdown while the rest of us sit back and watch.

Our key tools are still contact tracing and great public hygiene to avoid regional lockdowns or even another national lockdown.

We have managed calmly so far and we will manage calmly into the future but we must be flexible with how we plan and provide our services, and how we travel.

To reflect this, the Connexional Office will provide an All Alert Levels in one document resource next week. Please provide any feedback about items that have been missed in other advisories that have been shared previously because this new document will have to be very flexible to cope with many possible alert levels.

Mark Gibson and Trudy Downes had interesting discussions on why doing church differently (flexibly!) needs to be carried into the future and with the ever changing COVID-19 scenario they will likely be proved right. Some of the feedback that has been received will also be shared next week.

Another webinar is being planned for the near future (once Tony Franklin-Ross agrees a time and date) where this discussion will be carried on a little further.

Please remember to look after yourselves. This pandemic and our ever changing normal can be stressful. Remember there are different avenues available if you need to reach out.

I offer this prayer for the good people maintaining our arrival-isolation facilities, for those countries struggling through daily losses and those countries who are still battling to keep COVID-19 from gaining a foothold...

God of Love

We thank you for the care, compassion, skill and determination which has inspired our response to the threat of Covid-19

While we have all played our part we give thanks for and lift up in prayer those who still face the threat of the virus every day.

For staff in isolation hotels,

Those carrying out swab tests in clinics and laboratories,

For drivers and airline crew, immigration and customs officers, contact tracers and those who are working to discover a vaccine.

From our place of safety we reach out in prayer for those all around the world who live with the on-going uncertainty of infection.

God of grace bring strength and wisdom to those who feel overwhelmed and afraid,

Give inspiration to those who seek to bring hope

Fill hearts and lives with kindness and care.

We pray for those, in all nations, whose livelyhoods are threatened.

Help people in every community to be agents of practical care.


In grace and peace