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CWS appeals for Refugees on World Refugee Day

CWS appeals for Refugees on World Refugee Day

The growing number of refugees is deeply worrying and an indication of the urgent need for global action according to Christian World Service.

CWS is appealing for greater support to fund local relief for some of the most pressing humanitarian situations, and more action to address the drivers of displacement.

"The level of humanitarian need is unprecedented and widely acknowledged.  It has not resulted in the necessary action – either to stop the conflicts from which people are fleeing or provide for the immediate safety and care of those displaced.  More help is urgent," says Pauline McKay, National Director.

This Sunday Methodist and Presbyterian Churches mark Refugee Sunday, which will be celebrated on July 1 in the Anglican tradition.  CWS has produced worship resources for churches.  Churches are encouraged to organise an offering for displaced people from Syria, South Sudan, Rohingya, or Gaza.

The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) reports 68.5 million people had fled their homes in 2017, up from 65.6 million in 2016.

A record 25.4 million people registered as refugees in 2017.  85% found shelter in developing countries where they often struggle to meet their daily needs with very limited support from the global community.  The UNHCR appeal to assist the largest population of refugees from Syria (6.3 million) is only 17% funded this year.  40 million more are displaced within their own country.

New Zealand churches have helped to resettle refugees and funded relief efforts for more than seventy years.  Caring for the refugee is an important responsibility in the Christian faith.  CWS has been a strong supporter of initiatives to increase the quota of refugees resettled in New Zealand.  Last year the quota was increased from 750 to 1,000, and the current government plans to increase it to 1,500.

The Global Compact on Refugees and the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration are currently under negotiation under the auspices of the United Nations.

CWS is grateful to participants in this year's Operation Refugee raising funds to help Syrian refugees with food, education and medical care.  Most complete the challenge to live on refugee rations today.  However, people are welcome to join the challenge or support participants until the end of July.

Donations can be made on line, by direct deposit, phone: 0800 74 73 72 or by post to: CWS, PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140

CWS is a member of ACT Alliance a global coalition of 146 churches and church-related organisations working together on humanitarian, development and advocacy in over 100 countries.

For more information, please contact: Pauline McKay, National Director
Phone: 03 366 9274, Mobile: 021 289 1225

Image is of Rohingya refugees credit: ACT Alliance/Paul Jeffrey 

CWS launches Operation Refugee to help Syrians

CWS launches Operation Refugee to help Syrians

Christian World Service invites people of all ages to join the lifeline to refugees from Syria. 

Operation Refugee is a five-day challenge to live on the same food as in an emergency food parcel.   Students can sign up for the two-day challenge.  At the same time, participants raise funds to help Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.  The national event runs from 16 – 20 June.  June 20 is World Refugee Day.

CWS is fundraising for the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees in Jordan and Lebanon with whom it has worked since 1949.  DSPR has been providing emergency food and clothing, education, medical care and education to refugees from Syria since the conflict began seven years ago. 

Once a participant has raised $87 - enough to pay for a good quality food parcel in Jordan for a family of six - CWS will send them a Food Box containing: lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, fish (which can be traded if participants are vegan or vegetarian), flour, vegetable oil and salt.  To save costs participants supply their own rice.  Participants earn fresh vegetables and other ingredients by meeting fundraising goals.

"Support for Operation Refugee is growing as people realise they can do something to help Syrians.  Last year participants raised $61,000.  Donations were matched by the New Zealand Government.  Mothers of young children were delighted to receive emergency food supplies, good quality clothing for their infants, training in small business and free medical care. Students could have extra tuition and opportunities for sports and cultural events," says Pauline McKay, National Director.

More than 5.6 million people have fled Syria and are sheltering in neighbouring countries including Jordan and Lebanon.  A further 6.1 million people are displaced inside Syria.  Of the 1.7 million school-aged children, 43% are not in school.

Occupation Refugee participants are encouraged to join a team to make the challenge more fun and meet their goals. Churches, youth groups, schools and families have found teams helped them do the challenge and raise more money.

CWS has prepared a Kete including fundraising tips and recipes devised by chef Grant Allen. 

Register and set up your personal fundraising page.  You can sponsor individual participants or donate to Operation Refugee.

"Syrians have suffered through seven years of conflict.  With your help, we can keep the lifeline going," Pauline adds.

Refugee Sunday is marked on 24 June in the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches and 1 July for Anglicans.  Materials will be available in May from the CWS website.

Join Operation Refugee:

·        Sign up to participate

·        Learn more about the campaign

·        Donate to Operation Refugee or by post to: CWS, PO Box 22652, Christchurch 8140

 CWS is a member of ACT Alliance a global coalition of 146 churches and church-related organisations working together on humanitarian, development and advocacy in over 100 countries.

For more information, please contact: Pauline McKay, National Director  Phone: 03 366 9274, Mobile: 021 289 1225

20/20 Vision - Towards discerning our Future

We live in challenging times. How does the Church share its life-giving message in ways that can be heard? How can smaller, and aging congregations be supported in their work? If only we could see into the future.

In 2017 Council of Conference asked a small work group to meet and consider how a significant budget deficit could be addressed. Rather than drawing a red pen through the budget the group decided to think about how the church might work in ways that were more sustainable. The 20-20 report is the result of that work.

The hope is that you will see the report giving permission to explore and to consider what could work in your setting.

Read the 20-20 document here.

David Bush
General Secretary

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