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Connexional Korero Friday 17 September 2021

Tena tatou e te whanau

We hope this message finds you well as we come to the final day of Te Wiki o te reo Maori and we hope that this week has been a good one for you and your whanau.

Here are a few things that are happening across the Connexion.

Today was the first Online Conference Arrangements Committee meeting. Progress has been made in developing content and the modalities around meeting in Conference in November. Information will be released next week to give a sense of how this will work.

Council of Conference is meeting on Saturday. This is a very full time for the Connexion as we work towards Conference and to ensuring all our reports are ready that that we have good information to make good decisions.

Trudy is excited for the webinar on Monday which discusses ideas and examples which will allow us to gather and share our buildings at Delta Alert Level 2.

In the webinar Trudy joins with Vice President 'Etuini Talakai and guest speaker Siouxsie Wiles: bring your questions!

Register here for the webinar.

We hope you enjoy this weekend whanau!

Ka kite ano.

Tara and Trudy

Tena koutou katoa nga mema o Te Haahi Weteriana o Aotearoa. Malo e lelei.

Tara is back in the office after being at home in her bubble and enjoying being around the Connexional Office team members again.

Earlier this week Council of Conference, Tauiwi Strategy and representatives from Te Taha Maori met and affirmed the decision to move our 2021 from an in-person Conference to an on-line format. Further information will be sent out shortly as to what this means for us in terms of how it will be managed, the daily schedule, and what platform will be used.

We wanted to reach out to you today to let you know about this change of moving Conference on-line, and we look forward to your participation.

The Alert Level change is generating questions regarding using our buildings and returning to in-person church services. Information will be shared alter today to help people in this area.

There is an interesting webinar next Wednesday 15 September featuring John Kirwan on the panel (details below). The topic of this webinar is Lockdown Survival Tips: Managing Anxiety and Useful Digital Tools. Details below.

We also have our Connexional Cup of Tea every Thursday at 3.30pm. This is an opportunity to have free access to people in the know, Tara, Trudy, Andrew Doubleday, 'Etuini Talakai. No stress, no agenda, just a half hour chat over a cup of tea.

A quick word to the leaders amongst us who have been providing our Connexional Evening Prayer. Thank you.

Evening Prayers will continue until Auckland is out of lockdown and we are all once again at Alert Level 2 (or Level 1!).

We wish you a wonderful weekend and look forward to seeing you again next week.

Kia ora, and ka kite.

Tara and Trudy

Getting Through Webinar Managing Anxiety, and Useful Digital Tools
(featuring Sir John Kirwan)
Wednesday 15 September

4.00pm - 5.00pm
MCNZ Webinars
View latest: Creating an Emergency Response Plan, and Buying and Selling Church Property
Register Now: Approved Evacuation Plans and Property Security, 6pm 12 October 2021
Connexional Cup of Tea Every Thursday at 3.30pm
Catch up with people around the Connexion.
Share your thoughts, have a chat, enjoy some fellowship.

Connexional Korero - Friday 27 August 2021

Kia ora e te whanau

Alert Levels are changing next Tuesday at midnight and our thoughts and prayers are with our whanaunga in Auckland and Northland who will be remaining at Alert Level 4.

We are urged to stay our current course as we are making progress against the Delta outbreak, and keep doing what needs to be done at each Alert Level.

We given thanks to our people leading our evening prayers, you are bringing comfort to many of us.

We are also taking this opportunity to consider taking our upcoming and important meetings online, such as Tauiwi Strategy and Stationing. 

Keep looking after yourselves and each other. The Connexional Office is always virtually available and we have arranged for weekly Connexional Cups of Tea (Thursdays 3.30pm, details below).

Take care whanau.

Tara and Trudy

Zoom Webinar Recording (from Friday 27 August) 

Connexional Cup of Tea - Thursdays at 3.30pm

Connexional Korero - Tuesday 24 August 2021

Kia ora e te whanau

(Links are included below for the activities discussed in the video).

Things to be grateful for: today is a sunny day – great for drying clothes!

We are grateful for the weather, but also grateful for how our Haahi members are able to connect through Alert Level 4, whichever way we choose to connect. It is wonderful to see the way we reach out to each other and we encourage you to continue doing that.

Thank you also, for the shared resources that people have shared to our website, of liturgy, prayer and hymns. These resources allow continued worship... differently. Shared Resources

Our Connexional leadership will be meeting in the next few days to discuss how we will continue to conduct the life of the Connexion within the environment of Covid-19 such as Tauiwi strategy and stationing, Council of Conference , Conference and what it means to plan these with contingencies.

Our intentions at the moment is that we are able to hold these events in a safe and secure way.

He waka eke noa – we are all in this together. Here is a great link to share with people with regards to finding community food organisations. Sharing and connecting is important because... he waka eke noa!  Community Food Organisations

We will be holding some webinars in the coming weeks. The first is about Zoom Tips and Tricks

Zoom Tips and Tricks Webinar
Friday 27 August 10.30am
Join here on the day
No Registration required. Recording will be available on our website.

We will also be holding some virtual Connexional Cups of Tea sessions. The first is

Connexional Cup of Tea this Thursday 26 August at 3.30 pm
Zoom Cup of Tea 
Meeting ID: 898 7380 8128
Passcode: dTc8q1

All events will be on the bottom right of the home page of our website   

Evening prayers will be kept going while we are in lockdown. Notifications go out by email, facebook and the collection of prayer is available here

The Connexional Office is virtually open. Get in touch if there is anything we can help with.

Stay safe, stay in your bubble and stay connected!


Ka kite


Tara and Trudy

Connexional Korero - Friday 20 August 2021

Tena koutou e te whanau

Coming after the Prime Minister's press conference we know lockdown continues until the end of next Tuesday.

At this moment it is very important that we continue keeping ourselves safe and doing the best that we can – which is to stay at home. However we want to remain connected to family and friends that we love. By email, phone or zoom. We encourage you to reach out and connect with those whom you love.

The Connexional Office remains open at this time, by email or phone 03 366 6049.

The Wages Subsidy information was made available today by Peter van Hout.

We also have a collection of worship resources for the Connexion. Many thanks for our Presbyters and Lay ministers for the sharing of those resources.

It is important that we should view success now very differently from how we used to view success. Celebrate the little things! Very important as we head into the weekend.

Where ever you are throughout the motu keep yourself safe and well. We encourage you, if you have a moment to get yourself out into the fresh air and have a bit of a walk around the block (in your bubble) and keep yourself in good spirits.

We wish you well for the weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the new week.

Ka kite


Tara and Trudy