Kia ora e te whanau 

It's great to be with you at the end of another week, and it's particularly great to have here at the Connexional Office our good friend, and Chair of the Board of Administration, Nan Russell. Nan has been here for the past couple of days doing some work on our property and building issues for the Church. 

Nan has enjoyed being at the Connexional Office, working through some MCPC matters, and working with the talented Connexional Office team! Nan is confident that some positive things have been done for the Church in this time and thinks she might join us again. She would be made most welcome! 

If you missed the webinar on Tuesday regarding Property Liability and Our Standard of Care here is the link Property Liability Standard of Care Webinar.

Nan says "Stay tuned, it is only the beginning of the webinar series and Wendy and Trudy will be sharing some more webinars and the programme will be sent out. It's a good way of keeping up with things that are happening in the Church... it's a really cool programme that has started happening for us. An exciting way to keep in touch with everybody"

 "I would also like to say it is quite exciting to see some of the different things that the Church is doing around the Connexion, and the ways that the Connexional Office can support them. I would just remind everybody that there is a lot of support here if you need help with finances, insurance or have other questions. We are here to help the wider Church to make things easier."

However your day is going we wish you all the best.

We are here to support each other as a Connexion. We look forward to hearing from you.

Have a great weekend!
Ka kite.

Tara and Nan

Tara Tautari                      Nan Russell
General Secretary            Chair, Board of Administration