Kia ora e te whanau

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Welcome Jill van de Geer to our weekly update today as Tara has been called away to many meetings!

It has been relatively quiet this week which gives us an opportunity to focus on maintaining our tool kit.

Contact tracing is a tool with which we need to be diligent. The contract tracing we do today is future proofing for a need we may have in seven to fourteen days time.

  • We may know today where we have been.
  • We may remember tomorrow where we have been today.
  • In seven days, or fourteen days, we may have no clue where we were today!

So keep your contact tracing app up to date on your phone, through either the Apple App Store or Google Play to get the latest features.

Further information is available at:

Stay safe and take care!


Jill and Trudy

Jill van de Geer
Ex-ex General Secretary

Trudy Downes