Kia ora e te whanau

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Today is an important day with Council of Conference meeting for the first time this year and we will have nine new members. This creates an opportunity to share again the origins of the Council of Conference, its history and some of the themes and concerns that have shaped its thinking and visioning.

This meeting is being held in Auckland today and tomorrow and we look forward to meeting everyone in a real face-to-face meeting.

Trudy apologises for the incorrect web link provided last week. The correct link is which includes current updates and some information regarding vaccinations.

Vaccinations will remain an important topic as the Government's rollout plan continues. The lastest MIQ worker case of interest occurred between the worker's first and second vaccination shots when the vaccines aren't quite as effective.

There is also a tool available from the Government website which can be used to see where you fit in the rollout plan. This link is available on our website too. Tara has tried this online process and should be in the rollout queue in July!

We welcome all your questions that come into the Connexional Office, we love to get feedback from our members!

We wish you all a very good Friday, have a great weekend and we will talk with you again next week.


Tara and Trudy

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator