Greetings Te Haahi Weteriana, tena koutou katoa,

We hope you are all well. Last week Vice President Nicola offered a reflection and this week President Setaita offers her reflection to the Church. We have continued to be engaged in our work with people through using zoom a lot more than normal, and we are really beginning to feel the lack of person to person contact. We want to thank the many people from around the connexion who have shared their on-line videos, printed reflections, and resources. We are all learning new ways of doing things and your willingness to share helps everyone through a difficult period.

However, in our conversations with people from around the connexion, and also other church leaders, we have noticed there is a sense of achievement in that we have managed to get this far through lockdown and we are seeing some very positive signs not only in terms of Covid-19, but also in changes happening in our community.

Our politicians are working together to ensure that New Zealand remains safe, our communities are supporting each other, we have seen many examples of New Zealand humour and people putting people first. We also see some positive changes in our environment. Unfortunately, we also see increases in family harm and it was important that during the week a document was circulated to assist us with dealing with such matters. We can't sweep these under the carpet, we need to own them and work collectively to ensure that we do better and don't use Easter as a time to justify abuse.

If nothing else, perhaps this time of lockdown is helping us recognise that what we understood as "normal" previously, is not "normal". Whatever a new "normal" might be, we pray that we will not go back to our precovid'19 existence. We will not normalise greed, inequality, exhaustion, isolation, disconnection, confusion, rage, hoarding, poverty, discrimination, and hate. This Easter perhaps for the first time in our lives we can truly see the real impact of Easter and become people that live what we say we believe; that we can truly offer selfgiving love for God, for the world and for each other.

Stay safe, stay home, stay connected and save lives.

'Ofa atu fau, Nga mihi nui.

Setaita and Nicola