Dear friends

This week I received a query as to whether it is OK to gather 10 people in the chapel, 10 people in the lounge and 10 people in the hall to meet the 10 people gathering at Alert Level 2.5.

The short answer was no. No circumvention, no complacency, no compromise.

If those groups had their own separate and distinct building facilities (toilets and kitchens, entries and exits), and only if they did not mingle in any physical manner or form, then it would be OK.

Let us keep playing it safe and avoid becoming another sub-cluster like Mt Roskill.

Also this week, the Connexional Office staff had a sewing bee to make face masks.

They took over the board room and I didn't know sewing could be sew noisy. Or sew funny- sew there sure was a lot of laughter!

All in all it was a good effort, thirty two masks were made and distributed around the office and with the Archives volunteers. The masks are comfortable, have a pocket for filters and work well when you wear glasses. I am told there is a little bit of origami involved so you will need to take your time with the first effort.

Attached is the photo evidence that Nan requested last week. Thank you to our smiling models, Peter and Bruce. Especial thanks to the sewing team for keeping our people safe.

The pattern is available on the website if your parish is interested.

Yours in peace, grace and multitudes of face masks for the foreseeable future.