Tena koutou katoa

With Auckland moving to Alert Level 3 and the rest of us moving to Alert Level 2 we hope that you are prepared for the changes that come with the new alert levels.

We are back to wearing face masks more often in public, more hand washing (not that we ever stopped!), maintaining more physical distancing for a few days, and keep scanning those QR codes.

We need to ensure we have the information we need to get us through this. Our website is up to date, there is very little new advice as we have been here before, and also check out the Government's Unite Against COVID-19 website if you require further information.

Auckland people will need to start Zooming online again under Alert Level 3 as our buildings are closed and all in person programmes and meetings are cancelled until the alert level drops. Remember to cancel all gatherings and cutural ceremonies including kava ceremonies outside of your household bubbles.

Whanau, we've got this!

We've been here before but this time we want to make sure that we are reaching out to all those that need our support at this critical time.

Check in with each other, by telephone, email, text or an appropriate phsycial distance just to make sure that we are all feeling good.

One final word, we keep in our thoughts and our prayers the family who are directly affected and the people and friends around them, and also our friends and family in Auckland. This is a tough time for them, but we continue to keep them in our prayers as we do each other.

We wish you a very good day and please call us if you need to get in touch with us.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Tara Tautari

General Secretary

Trudy Downes

Health and Safety Coordinator

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