Significant appointment announced.

A special announcement was made to the Council of Conference meeting held on September 4th, 2015 advising of the Royal appointments of Tumuaki Diana Tana, Dr Arapera Ngaha and Rev Rex Nathan to the Kahui Wairua. [Religious Council of His Majesty King Tuheitia.

Seven churches namely Anglican, Presbyterian, Catholic, Ratana, Ringatu, Pai Marire have a representative each. The Methodist Church has three representatives.

Appointments were made early in 2014 and our representatives have been working quietly alongside the King and his advisors on a variety of matters in relation to the Kingitanga.

The Council recognised the honour and responsibility of the role and commends Diana, Arapera and Rex to your prayers.

Dr Arapera Ngaha, Rev Rex Nathan, Tumuaki Rev Diana Tana