Tena koutou e te whanau

Coming after the Prime Minister's press conference we know lockdown continues until the end of next Tuesday.

At this moment it is very important that we continue keeping ourselves safe and doing the best that we can – which is to stay at home. However we want to remain connected to family and friends that we love. By email, phone or zoom. We encourage you to reach out and connect with those whom you love.

The Connexional Office remains open at this time, by email or phone 03 366 6049.

The Wages Subsidy information was made available today by Peter van Hout.

We also have a collection of worship resources for the Connexion. Many thanks for our Presbyters and Lay ministers for the sharing of those resources.

It is important that we should view success now very differently from how we used to view success. Celebrate the little things! Very important as we head into the weekend.

Where ever you are throughout the motu keep yourself safe and well. We encourage you, if you have a moment to get yourself out into the fresh air and have a bit of a walk around the block (in your bubble) and keep yourself in good spirits.

We wish you well for the weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the new week.

Ka kite


Tara and Trudy